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madammecholet - what else are you recommending?

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miche8 Thu 29-Sep-11 09:43:17

You have such good taste, i've got the scarf and will order the peony & Moore bag you always link too.  Do you want to be my personal shopper? grin

madammecholet Thu 29-Sep-11 10:15:45

oooh, am flattered... <wafts hair over shoulder and rolls up sleeves>... what are you after?

My 3 most recent purchases are these Gap straight trews, which have enough stretch in to hold in going to wear with black patent heels, white shirt and biker jacket. I love GAP curvy jeans too, and the 1969 skinnies.

and I also got this tweed & faux fur jacket which I know is very horsey, but I think with denim jeans and riding boots will look fab come Nov...

I also bought a new scarf <dare i post> with blue trim, looks great with jeans/blazer combo...

am off for a couple hours, will check in again later.........

WhaohThere Thu 29-Sep-11 14:35:52

Stop it!

miche8 Thu 29-Sep-11 14:37:00

thank you for replying:

I am after a biker jacket, jeans, day tops, flat boots and a large purse.

I am 32, size 14/16, apple shape, can only wear flat shoes did try those clarks ones on but not as nice in real life and didn't think there were worth the money. My favourite jeans were topshop baxters but i have just decided after a year that they do nothing for me actually, perhaps i will try the marthas. I like comfy leggings too but they do nothing for me really. I am a stay at home mum so only need casual, i like scarfs think they hide my belly but i do get very hot all the time. Those black trousers look flattering but can't imagine i'd wear them in my life, also have a dog and the hair would cover them.

madammecholet Thu 29-Sep-11 14:56:08

How tall are you?

madammecholet Thu 29-Sep-11 14:57:50

oh, and a

miche8 Thu 29-Sep-11 16:10:30

I'm 5"6 and my budget is up to £120 for jeans, (have tried levis curve which were fab but after a few washes no longer a nice fit) up to £50 per a top, £150 for boots, £200 for jacket. I wouldn't be comfortable in paying anymore for those items, i had a look round john lewis but the leather didn't feel very good on the jackets didn't look at the prices so my jacket budget might not be enough. I have seen a mulberry purse i love but at £270 its out of the question surely £75 should get me some thing nice.

madammecholet Thu 29-Sep-11 16:23:35

I am loving this Biker isabella oliver biker I also like this oasis one and if you can do red, this is lovely zara

Jeans, if you can afford seven for all mankind then go to a specialist jean shop and get trying on tonnes till you find the perfect pair....circa £200 but will last you forever and fit like a glove. If you are more high street, as I said I like GAP, but also Oasis Scarlet jeans are amazing for stretch and fit, here, and the new Levi ID crurce have had good reviews.

Day tops <with the jeans I am assuming>, I am loving all the silk T's and blouses at the moment, like this zara one in navy its never going to be silk for £30, but nice with jeans & flats. again red puff sleeve T, great colour with THE EBAY scarf too...

Liking this too from Great Plains cowl neck top and I also like plain tops with an edge, like this here and this is on my wish list..great with jeans in navy or the rose

In terms of flat boots I am loving the clarks riding boots atm, good value too, I've been wearing a Jones The Bootmaker pair like these dune ones. I personally would not do biker boots with a biker jacket, I think a biker jacket with elegant riding boots is a much more feminine style.

By a large purse, do you mean a large wallet like this one here, which I have or a large handbag?

Hope some of this has helped...grin

madammecholet Thu 29-Sep-11 16:27:07

These seven jeans are gorgeous but over budget.. the brand also comes on / brand alley / - so register and keep looking and they will pop up..

madammecholet Thu 29-Sep-11 16:38:17

Shoon also good for riding boots, leather always good as well as duo boots which are calf width made to measure boots.

bertiecat Thu 29-Sep-11 18:11:35

* ooooh!! Madam some of those are gorgeous!!! -- can you come shopping with me next time!!??smile

miche8 Thu 29-Sep-11 21:10:25

Oooh that oasis jacket is perfect, haven't been in there for years will check out the jeans too. Would you believe i've never been in Zara but quite like a couple of those tops. Never heard of great plains but every top you linked to is just what i want, i will ponder what to order.

The biker jacket is more to wear if i go out in the evenings, possibly with a few dresses i have, but i hadn't thought about if i wear jeans then biker boots would be too much. I'm not sure on the riding boots to be honest, could i wear boot cut jeans over the top? i think boot legs are going to be the most flattering type jean for me, so what ever boots i get will mostly be hidden. What other style do you suggest?

yes, i mean a large wallet prefer a zip though, do your coins fall out with just a popper?

thank you so much, you have suggested shops i wouldn't consider looking in. Are you near portsmouth by any chance?

ellangirl Thu 29-Sep-11 21:12:07

mmecholet have you got the scarf already? I love it but am always wary of ordering from abroad on ebay. Are the colours nice IRL?

madammecholet Thu 29-Sep-11 22:06:53

If you go bootcut then choose an ankle cowboy heel boot, sits best underneath. I'd link but have spilt my g&t on the laptop and the keyboard has stopped working ! sad. Look at straight leg too as these can be reeeally flattering with a heel.. I love the oasis jacket, its a gorgeous brown and much softer than a black biker..

Not near Portsmouth, sorry!

Ella girl, I bought mine many months ago and it arrived after about 5 days, no problem, but I know there are uk sellers too if u feel more comfortable..

NatureAbhorsAHoover Fri 30-Sep-11 08:24:31

Mme C which was the Peony & Moore bag? <hopes it's Mariella>

madammecholet Fri 30-Sep-11 10:44:35

NatureAbhorsAHoover, i have the Lucia in camel and Mariella in pink and matching purse....gorgeous bags and really lovely quality.... wink

miche8 Fri 30-Sep-11 13:02:48

madam- do you think the camel bag suitable for winter? i was really wanting a tan bag which i think lots fine in summer or winter, camel sounds and looks like it might be too light from the photos on the website, i would appreciate your thoughts.

Also the opening is magnetic, do you feel your purse is safe in a bag like this? and do you lose coins from the purse as that has no zip.

omnishambles Fri 30-Sep-11 13:39:09

coughs, I have just been in a large M&S and the flat boots atm are amazeballs - I kid you not.

I wanted these here but settled for these here though toyed with these too [[]]

omnishambles Fri 30-Sep-11 13:39:29


madammecholet Fri 30-Sep-11 17:02:07

omnishambles love those Autograph knee boots.....really gorgeous... and those biker aren't too grunge looking which I

miche8 ikwym the camel is a light colour for winter, although nudes and pales are all over the high street atm, I'm still wearing mine <but we are in a heat wave>! They also do it in a dark brown too & Navy, depending on what colour boots/biker jacket you go for... The brown one would look lovely with the Oasis biker jacket...

The main opening is on a twist lock, not magnetic (the front pockets are magnetic), and the flap totally covers the opening, so you cannot see into the bag once shut... it's been fine for me, I never even thought about a security issue tbh..

omydarlin Sat 01-Oct-11 00:21:41

miche8 they have lots of great plains tops upstairs in the fcuk outlet gunwharf also lovely bargainous boots in Hobbs .

bertiecat Sat 01-Oct-11 09:59:18

Madam I was thinking stopping myself about buying the brown Lucia - is the brown light reddish or deep chocolate and would it go with my last years grey herringbone coat> do you think?

madammecholet Sat 01-Oct-11 12:19:13

sorry bertie no idea as I have the camel. Give them a call and ask though as they're always really

TracyK Sat 01-Oct-11 13:22:26

I love that great plains ruffle top - but sold out now. Is this the power of MN??

madammecholet Sat 01-Oct-11 17:55:55

Its so annoying when new collection stuff sells out, they obviously didn't order enough in which is can also get Great Plains in some French Connection/ House of Fraser & small independents, so have a look about....

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