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There is, apparently, only one shoe in the country which is made to fit DD's narrowfeet.

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LynetteScavo Wed 28-Sep-11 21:21:35


Luckily we already own a pair, as Startrite don't have any more in stock.

Clarks don't make a C fitting in any of their shoes, and are limited in D fittings to 2 pairs of school shoes.

I can't get any shoe shops where they fit shoes to sell me shoes for her. I feel like shouting "is she supposed to go barefoot then?"

I've resorted to going to Brantano's and choosing a pair I think fit reasonably well. What do other people who's DC have narrow feet do?

cheekeymonkey Thu 29-Sep-11 12:51:34

I was told to use insoles in DD's shoes but she hates them.

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