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Boden town hall sales- great or bunfight?

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manyhands Wed 28-Sep-11 19:44:13

There is one in Manchester this Sunday and I wondered if any mumsnetters had been to these sales. Are they any good?

Bunfight, think SAHM/WOHM AIBU thread. On a saturday night. With everyone drinking Stella.

Staple your own clothes to your body and wear spurs.

wickedfairy Wed 28-Sep-11 21:11:12

Does there tend to be baby/kids stuff there or is the kids stuff gone in a nanosecond?? ANything left for the Sunday?

I thought it was the weekend after next, or has it changed?

KlarkyKat Wed 28-Sep-11 21:18:09

My one and only experience of this was hideous, not fun at all!

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