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I hate the way I look these days

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ILoatheMickeyMouseClubhouse Wed 28-Sep-11 15:10:15

I think it's because I'm carrying a couple of stone more than I'd like to in weight, I'm trying hard to lose the weight and have lost one stone already but I hate the way my face looks with the extra weight sad My face looks almost masculine whereas I used to have quite a prettyish face. My hairdresser has used thinning scissors on my hair and really hacked into it and now it's all splitting and looks really frizzy and flyaway no matter what I do to it. And whatever I wear just doesn't look right.

I know the answer is to lose the extra weight, it's just such a struggle sad

pink4ever Wed 28-Sep-11 15:28:01

You have my sympathy as I feel exactly the same! Just cant seem to shift the baby weight-and the baby is now 2!. Used to be reasonably attractive and now everytime I look in the mirror I see my mum staring back at me!. Need a haircut badly but have hated every hair cut I have ever had as I have the worst hair-crazy thick and very wavy so sticks out everywhere.
Anyone got any advice for us-apart from threading as I am too much of a woos!

MrsSeanBean Wed 28-Sep-11 15:58:32

You have my sympathy too. It's really tough as when you feel 'down' you tend to eat more (I do anyway) and end up with a vicious circle. IME, the less I do to my hair (when I am fed up / feeling bad about it) the better. So "stay away from the hairdresser, tomorrow will be a better hair day" is the motto I would share.

Oh, and an intensive conditioner, leave it on for 30 mins (or more) and wrap in a heated towel. Stick oman Olay stretching cloth mask (will try to find a link) and relax. This combo always perks me up a bit.

I would also add, are you exfoliating? Makes all the difference to whether my skin looks tired and dull or a bit fresher and radiant (to me anyway :-) )

MrsSeanBean Wed 28-Sep-11 15:59:08

oman = on an

Chicinwellies Wed 28-Sep-11 18:29:40

God, that sounds like Me writing that. Can safely say that I have tried premium makeovers, overindulgant shopping sprees, expensive hair do's (never ever found one worth the £££ imo) and the solution? Losing that unwanted stone. I invested in a treadmill, and at £400 I really really had to justify it (Roger black one on argos), but, I figured over 6 months I spend this on hair, products, shopping, and am swapping the shopping for the jogging. It really, really is working, and people are commenting much more than when I had some label jeans on or glossy hair. x good luck

ILoatheMickeyMouseClubhouse Wed 28-Sep-11 22:02:19

Thanks everyone :-)

Pink4ever, funnily enough my LO is also 2 now and I too do the looking in the mirror and seeing my mum staring back at me!

MrsSeanBean, I haven't exfoliated for ages but have got a facial scrub so am going to give it a whirl tonight before bed. I also got an intensive conditioning sachet today (The Aussie Anti Frizz one), so will pop that on in the morning too.

Chicinwellies, I think you are totally right, that the real issue is that I'm just not happy at this weight. I've re-started WW properly today and am really going to give it a good go, I reckon I can get another stone or so off in a month or two and maybe lose the two stone by Xmas if I work hard. I've toyed with the idea of getting a treadmill but I think I'm going to re-join the local gym with a membership that means I can do unlimited fitness classes. I find my motivation at home isn't too good but I love classes and can arrange to meet a friend there for added motivation.

Thanks again for the replies, I'll let you all know how I get on

ILoatheMickeyMouseClubhouse Thu 29-Sep-11 16:33:44

I'm pleased to say that I'm feeling a lot better today; Weighed myself to find that I've already lost another 2lb from following WW, had a very good night's sleep, did the deep conditioning treatment on my hair and have worn a lovely pretty summer dress today :-)

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