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Size 16 waist but 14 leg? Trousers that don't flap about?

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muttimalzwei Wed 28-Sep-11 01:17:37

I have lost about a stone and my trousers (16 long) still fit at the waist (albeit less tightly) but the legs are flapping about at the back/side of my thighs where the weight has really gone. I have been wearing Next trousers for work as the waist seem to be right and the legs not too flappy but was wondering if anyone of a similar build knows of a better fit in another store? I was wearing Jasper Conran (Debenhams) trousers 16 but they are all huge now.
Any help would be very much appreciated. Have tried M&S and 14 too tight, 16 too big.

brighthair Wed 28-Sep-11 01:58:53

No help but eagerly watching grin
Am size 16 waist with no backside to speak of and most things hang off me there. Except £12.50 M&S skinny jeans for some reason fit like a glove

psammyad Wed 28-Sep-11 11:04:35

NOT Gap - which is a shame as I am craving their silvery grey wash skinnies at the moment but the legs end up too baggy sad.
Uniqlo fit me well, and they are excellent quality denim (but no grey jeans this year...)

Gertiegoolash Wed 28-Sep-11 15:52:15

i have exactly this problem, I find Dorothy Perkins ultra skinny jeans fit me well, comfy on the belly/waist area and not at all baggy on legs and arse.

muttimalzwei Wed 28-Sep-11 17:14:03

Thanks,Gertie Will try a pair asap. No ideas for more formal trousers?

I have exactly the same problem and I'm so pleased to see others do too as no one I know is shaped like me.

<googles DPs>

Mumelie Wed 28-Sep-11 21:26:12

You need a bigger waisted size 14 - try Monsoon for jeans or work trousers. M&S skinnies get the thumbs up from me too. Or stick to skirts for a bit. I've all but given up on trousers as my waist is a size bigger than the rest if me.

Nippysnippy Thu 29-Sep-11 12:39:50

If you get a lower rise trouser in a smaller size the waist bit will be bigger.

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