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Tenuously S&B..... Adult Halloween costumes

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billgrangersrisotto Tue 27-Sep-11 16:44:31

Halloween fancy dress party coming up in a few weeks and I am looking for something that meets the following criteria:

1. Not expensive (budget £20 ish)
2. Good fun
3. Does not make me look completely ridiculous

It doesn't need to be witchy/ Dracula-y, any fancy dress would be okay.


ujjayi Tue 27-Sep-11 16:56:38

I had a brilliantly cheap costume last year: I went as a zombie edwardian maid who died whilst having her throat slashed with a blunt knife (apparently tis compulsory to have a story attached to your zombie state and the means by which you died should be obvious...hmm )

I wore long sleeve black tee, black opaques, black boots and a long white nightie from TK Maxx grin I back-combed my hair and used a mixture of face paints and regular make up to make me look suitably dead.

moragbellingham Tue 27-Sep-11 17:17:03

M&S have started stocking adult ones - witch and vampire

minipie Tue 27-Sep-11 17:47:05

Brain transplant patient.

Buy a cauliflower, dye it light brown with a tea bag. Draw a line of stitches across your forehead with eye liner. Dark eye make up for zombie ish effect and spiky/messed up hair.

Ideally, you'd wear some sort of hospital gown or a plain nightie/pyjamas for the patient look, but could get away without.

billgrangersrisotto Tue 27-Sep-11 18:46:38

Brilliant, thanks all. Very good, am particularly liking brain transplant patient at the moment

sweetheart Tue 27-Sep-11 19:29:03

I dressed up as a zombie schoolgirl last year. I had a kilt skirt worn with toen black tights. I shredded a cheap shirt and a tie from claires accessories and brought some zombie contact lenses which really finished the outfit off.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 27-Sep-11 21:37:09

Things my daughters or I have done in the past include:

Bellatrix Lestrange;
Little Dead Riding Hood - wearing a tattered cape and with a huge wound across the throat made from fake scar stuff;
Zombie cheer leader;
Goth rag doll;
Miss Havisham;
Corpse Bride;
Vampire attack school girl - similar to Dead Riding Hood but school uniform.

Gosh I love fancy dress! smile

LordOfTheFlies Wed 28-Sep-11 10:18:29

Last year I was corpse bride (not the Tim Burton one). I wore my wedding dress, got some oddments of cream lace (to look dirty/old) and made a veil.Bought a tiara from Primark £3 and dangly earrings. White face, black/red round eyes and talcum in hair. I bought black roses for my bouquet.

I didn't even look that good on my wedding day <<preen>>

Littlepumpkinpie Wed 28-Sep-11 11:17:55

Blimey Sweetheart I thought I knew who you was IRL then from what your outfit sounded like.

sweetheart Wed 28-Sep-11 15:37:01

hmmm pumpkin - thought or think? I'm guessing you must have been at my party?

mamijacacalys Wed 28-Sep-11 18:09:20

Home bargains has a lot of stuff for less than a tenner.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 28-Sep-11 20:05:36

Ooh yes LOTF - dd2 did Bride of Frankenstein one year, complete with stitches!

billgrangersrisotto Wed 28-Sep-11 20:30:19

I'm still reading! Thanks all!

JMW2011 Fri 14-Oct-11 11:42:05

There are some brilliant Halloween Costumes on the website below:

Me and another mum have both purchased corpse bride costumes plus stockings and some accessories - i cheekily emailed them and asked if i could have a discount for multiple purchases and they very kindly emailed me a 10% coupon code discount voucher to use on their website - made quite a difference with what we spent - much better selection than the high street and good to know that with the costumes we have bought it wont be likely that everybody else at the fancy dress party will be wearing the same thing like if you buy from supermarkets or home bargains, poundland etc.

Hope this helps - store is WD Lingerie - link above to their halloween section or home page is

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