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Handbag Bargain

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lotty5 Mon 26-Sep-11 21:31:14

After many suggestions on this site to visit TK Maxx I finally succumbed on Saturday. Bought a lovely black Modalu Kensington Handbag for £59.99, and saw the same handbag in John Lewis today for £159.00

jessicaalbastwin Mon 26-Sep-11 21:32:27

Wow that is a bargain, nice one hey.

lotty5 Mon 26-Sep-11 21:34:53

Lots more on the website, was worth the rummage !

madammecholet Mon 26-Sep-11 21:36:30

they have some left here, great bargain lotty and others here..

surprised, as I thought Modalu was classic, the Kensington is nice, but some of these are far from classic! wtf!!

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