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Tell me what to wear please!

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akaemmafrost Mon 26-Sep-11 21:25:53

Going out in a couple of weeks to meet up with people I last saw about 10 years ago, reunion type thingy. Will be meeting up in a bar/club type place for the evening.

I am just over 9 stone, size 10/12, aged forty but I look younger <<or so I have been told>>. What do people wear out these days? Last time I was out for the night was about five years ago before dd was born. Then it was boots, boot leg jeans and slinky tops and thats what everyone wore! Pretty sure its moved on since then. Help me!!!!!!

I'd go with a dress or with skinny combats, heels and a nice top. Do you have a budget? Fave colours? Fave shops?

akaemmafrost Mon 26-Sep-11 23:02:01

Skinny combats sound good. Budget of about £200 and not fussy about shops.

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