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So, today I saw someone in a "hacking jacket"...

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BelleDameSansMerci Mon 26-Sep-11 15:39:18 they were known in the 80s. Worn with jeans. I then see there is something similar in the Joules catalogue. Are they back? Will I, once again, be putting my hair up in tweedy flat cap thing too? Or, are some looks too tragic to revisit?

<carefully leaving aside the "if you did it first time, don't do it again" rule>

OneHandFlapping Mon 26-Sep-11 15:41:23

Were they on a horse?

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 26-Sep-11 15:43:16


No... Having a coffee. Didn't look as if she'd ever been near a horse (generalising madly to make point).

RedRubyBlue Mon 26-Sep-11 15:43:17

I bought one from Zara about five years ago. I loved it but am too fat cool to wear it again.


munstersmum Mon 26-Sep-11 15:48:22

Ooooh fashion led by Downton ? Not one for a pinny though grin

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 26-Sep-11 15:48:43

I've been pondering "the look". I think I'm too fat- old now.

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 26-Sep-11 15:49:35

Oooh, munstermum, you may have it! That's what I get for watching Spooks...

booyhoo Mon 26-Sep-11 15:49:52

what is a hacking jacket? is it like a barbour quilted jacket?

booyhoo Mon 26-Sep-11 15:51:11

oh is it one of those nipped in at the waist things they wear on hunt rides?

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 26-Sep-11 15:51:34

No, it's a tweed jacket cut in at waist...

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 26-Sep-11 15:52:02

X post... Just finding a pic.

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 26-Sep-11 15:53:20

This kind of thing.

RedRubyBlue Mon 26-Sep-11 15:56:48

I actually really liked mine - it was a 'fashion' one that I used to wear with jeans and Chelsea boots a black polo neck and leather gloves.

I used to get chatted up loads when I wore that especially when I wore my tortoishell specs as well.

[resolves to diet]

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 26-Sep-11 16:00:58

Redruby, that the look I was thinking of only without the polo neck... Not sure what instead though.

This is the Joules one but I think a real one, properly fitting, would look better. Not sure I can carry it off - last time I was about 16; I turned 46 yesterday (although I don't look a day over 45). <sobs>

Hatwoman Mon 26-Sep-11 16:09:35

if you go to a country event I am sure you'll be put off these for life. I've been to a few and teh spectacle of women in their early 30s wearing jackets like that, or barbours, with their hair in an Alice band and a lady Di shirt cures you of any idea they can look good.

Hatwoman Mon 26-Sep-11 16:10:39

and then there's the bulky horsey women in their 50s and 60s wearing them...

ExitPursuedByaBear Mon 26-Sep-11 16:12:53

I went to Uni in 1977 wearing a pair of jeans and a blue tweed hacking jacket. Memories.

RedRubyBlue Mon 26-Sep-11 16:16:17

I bought mine in Zara about five years ago! I used to team it with a polo neck or a white cotton shirt.

Just do not be tempted to buy a hobby horse!


How very dare you!


headfairy Mon 26-Sep-11 16:19:41

No I think you've got to be very slim, tanned, have long honey coloured hair and look like you could easily have stepped out of either a Ferrari or a Jilly Cooper book to get away with that look.

Some things are best left to the young.

Now if the jacket was in the similar cut, but black.....

I think the Downton fashion thing definitely has legs. I love a good Edwardian bustle and lace up boots!

RedRubyBlue Mon 26-Sep-11 16:20:57


Yep - you have just described moi! grin

headfairy Mon 26-Sep-11 16:22:59

excellent, then enjoy your hacking jacket grin Just don't toss that honey coloured mane of hair near me or I'm likely to hack it off with a pair of sissors wink

pissedrightoff Mon 26-Sep-11 16:25:15

I am after a jacket like that, think I can get away with it at 31 and a size 14/16?

lesstalkmoreaction Mon 26-Sep-11 16:26:16

H and M have them they also have cardigans with the leather elbow patch, remember them!!

Hatwoman Mon 26-Sep-11 16:32:44

I agree re same style in black. and I acually revise what I just said - some people can look amazing in them - but I think they've got to be doing it for real iyswim. alongside the frumpy-alice-band-good-breeding-stock-gone-to-seed types and the damn-fine-horse-woman type you ocassionally got the hot-young-filly - she's the one who can carry it off.

BelleDameSansMerci Mon 26-Sep-11 16:33:00

Think I'll give the geography teacher cardigan a miss!

Yep, I think I am too old. I'm quite slim and do have long hair, dark, but nt sure I can do this look. Hey ho...

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