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Q&A with Dr.Hauschka's head esthetician and education manager, Elaine Robinson - CLOSED

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 26-Sep-11 14:56:52

This week we're inviting you to send in your skincare questions to Elaine Robinson, head esthetician and education manager for Dr.Hauschka Skin Care UK. With fifteen years' experience in the beauty and well-being industry as a qualified skin care and massage therapist, Elaine is responsible for all Dr.Hauschka product and esthetician training across the UK. Since 2006 she has delivered training to Dr.Hauschka's education teams around the world at the company's international headquarters in Germany.

Elaine was recently featured in You Magazine after successfully treating a reader's skin, normalising her rosacea back to a comfortable, balanced and healthy condition with Dr.Hauschka skin care products. She is able to successfully diagnose and treat any number of different skin conditions. Send in your questions to Elaine before 5pm on Friday 30th September and we'll be linking to Elaine's answers from this thread by Thursday 13th October.

Mumsnet Style and Beauty product reviews are now up and running and if you haven't already done it, send in a beauty product review before Friday 30th September and you will be entered into a draw to win one of 50 30ml tubes of Dr.Hauschka Day Rose Day Cream Light moisturisers

DeepLeafEverything Mon 26-Sep-11 15:53:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 26-Sep-11 16:15:07

My 3 yr old daughter has large scabby flakes on her scalp that flake off taking a large amount of hair with it.

My husband and son have it too but not as bad or as noticeable as their hair is thick and dark whereas hers is think and light.

The doctor simply recommended olive oil and ocassional treatments with t-gel but t-gel makes me retch and neither actually do anything than increase my workload and the fuss at bath time.

Do you have any suggestions?

Another thing is that I have acne all over my face, neck, chest and the whole of my back. I sometimes find an odd product that works but will only stretch to 2-3 applications over my whole body and usually costs a bomb.

Is there anything that can be used that way that is affordable?

Many thanks.

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 26-Sep-11 16:17:20

Oh I have one more question if I may.

I get coldsores, around 70 a year all over my face, usually in places that acne once was, and in my eyebrows if I pluck them.

Acyclovir cream does nothing except make me feel like I'm doing something. Any suggestions?

brookeslay Mon 26-Sep-11 16:26:17

What would you recommend for lack lustre skin I`m very tired and run down lately and its showing on my face. Along with alot of stress/tension my face feels tense which makes it look haggard lined.

Do you suggest any particular vitamins that could work in conjunction with a regime. My skin is slighty blotchy, congested in the t zone and my cheeks keep having rashes that takes ages to heal ( though its not very oily)

Many thanks

WhatsWrongWithYou Mon 26-Sep-11 16:54:29

Does the study of anthroposophy form part of your training?

Tenebrist Mon 26-Sep-11 17:38:12

Following on from what WhatsWrongWithYou has asked, this is the website of Dr. Hauschka's parent company, WALA. Forgive the scepticism, but I fail to see the link between Steiner's thing about 'rhythm' and skin cream. Are there 'real' active ingredients causing the improvement in your skincare products, or is it homeopathic-style 'woo', in other words, what makes your products unique by comparison with those of your 'natural skincare' competitors (I'm thinking of Weleda, Body Shop, etc). I live in Germany, by the way, so I know that Dr Hauschka has a pretty good reputation in the cosmetics sections of health-food stores, but have always put it down to people feeling virtuous about themselves because they've spent a lot of money on something that promotes itself as natural.

EldonAve Mon 26-Sep-11 18:48:56

why is stuff made from biodynamic agriculture better for my skin?

twoistwiceasfun Mon 26-Sep-11 19:58:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chipstick10 Mon 26-Sep-11 20:14:50

Too many moisturisers too choose from. What do you recommend for a woman in her 40's with no particular skin problems. Not too dry or oily. Slightly enlarged pores on chin.

SeymoreButts Mon 26-Sep-11 20:23:15

I have very sensitive skin. Through a process of trial and error I have found a handful of products that don't irritate my skin. But I have just turned 30 and I've started to notice a few fine lines appearing around my eyes. I've been experimenting with eye creams and have tried a few, from the reasonably cheap to the eye-wateringly ('scuse the pun) expensive. The result is always the same.... red, itchy, wrinkly skin all around my eyes.

Can you recommend an eye cream for sensitive skin? And to help me in future, are there particular ingredients in skincare products that I should avoid? Thanks!

Lulumama Mon 26-Sep-11 21:29:27

Hi, I'd be interested to know what you would recommend for my skin, I am mid 30s, still prone to spots and blemishes, slightly enlarged pores, just starting to notice fine lines around my eyes, also have some freckling. Also have quite sensitive skin

I use a hot cloth cleanser at night, baby oil to take off eye make up, a skin oil at night and add various essential oils depending on what my skin is doing, and a regular cream in the day. I wear make up daily, and my skin looks fine with make up, but underneath, it seems to be a bit of everything.... I don't want to faff with loads of products, but I want stuff that works, and am sick of spots, although they are not bad enough for a trip to the doctors....

So , some fine lines, some dry patches, some shininess, some enlarged pores, some blemishes, some sensitivity !!
thanks smile

kaylouise Mon 26-Sep-11 22:09:13

My skin has become so sensitive I cant wear any make up or even moisturiser, I also have an eczema problem in my eyes which my doctor has told me to use hydrocortisone. He also sugested taking antihistamine everyday, which has helped very slightly but I still have huge outbreaks of blisters if I use any products. It started while my daughter was having chemotherapy, so I'm guessing that was a stress trigger?
I'm very nearly 40 and in desperate need of some anti wrinkle creams and make up! I look exhausted and spotty everyday..

aristocat Mon 26-Sep-11 23:23:43

i swim four times a week and need to moisturise my skin every time, is it possible to over-moisturise? do you have any suggestions for me please?

gazzalw Tue 27-Sep-11 01:24:14

SIL seems to get rosacea but has not been to the Dr about it - partly because she never goes to the Drs! Do you have any tips to reduce facial flushing as it seems to be becoming more of a problem for her as she gets older (she's in her 40s)

whojimmyflip Tue 27-Sep-11 07:38:11

Although I think Dr.Hauschka is lovely I wonder why your prices are so high. When I go shopping I often look at your range but am put off by the high costs as I can see that a line such as Weleda has similar products for a lot less.

On a slightly separate note, I am a makeup artist and I think that the makeup range needs some serious rebranding! I think there are some really good products yet the packaging and display points are very underwhelming.

QueenOfAllBiscuitsandMuffins Tue 27-Sep-11 08:12:55

"Too many moisturisers too choose from. What do you recommend for a woman in her 40's with no particular skin problems. Not too dry or oily. Slightly enlarged pores on chin."

For less than £10 unless you can justify the £££ price with evidence.

StrangewaysHereICome Tue 27-Sep-11 09:10:31

Oh I am exactly the same as Lulumama, so I would be interested in the answer. I also suffer from colds sores too when I am run down which is now as I have a baby who won't sleep! So are there any miracles recommendations for tired and haggard skin...?

smilesandsun Tue 27-Sep-11 10:41:39

Hi I have blackhead prone skin and the monthly break out as well. I have some scaring and enlarged pores on my cheeks. I have been recommended Fraxel treatment to reduce the scaring and help to minimise the open pores. I can't really find too much information about the fraxel online. My consultant has informed me but I have never had anything done before so would welcome some advice.


RumTouch Tue 27-Sep-11 12:05:34

IS there anything to be done about hormone spots or do you just have to wait until the subside? Can you prevent them flaring up?

Given the popularity of the Oil Cleansing Method on MN why should people buy expensive products instead of things you can find in your kitchen? I'm not being arsey with that question, I really want to know!

wakemewhenitsover Tue 27-Sep-11 14:18:49

Hi, I've always suffered with acne but recently it has got worse and I now have what seems to be boils appearing along the jawline and neck area (I'm 37 FGS!). I also suffer with BCCs and had several removed from my face so wondered if you could recommend anything to minimise scarring from these and the acne. I still have yet to find a good moisturiser with a decent SPF that doesn't clog the pores - any recommendations?

zazizoma Tue 27-Sep-11 15:09:19

Hi, I've been a Dr H user for about 20 years, and would like to better understand why it is that I can't obtain the tooth care products in the UK. Why is it that Elysia chooses not to take the necessary steps to import the "medicines?"

wideawakenurse Tue 27-Sep-11 19:40:19

Hello there.

I have suffered from Rosacea for 10 years plus, which has worsened since having my son.

My main problem area is my nose, which is continuously red, dry and flakey, despite trying every product under the sun.

I find that make up barely stays on for very long too.

Please help, I am at a loss!

PerAr6ua Tue 27-Sep-11 21:12:33

Hello smile

Why does all the literature say that you shouldn't wear moisturiser at night? I produce no measurable sebum* - face too tight if I rinse with water only - what would you recommend?

*At a skin study in a hospital with my twin, not exaggerating

issynoko Tue 27-Sep-11 23:15:13

Another one with rosacea - I have recently swapped to all Dr Hauschka products and it is helping my skin feel much more comfortable but you couldn't say it was looking that much better. However I am pregnant for the 4th time and this always causes a flare up so will carry on and see how things are after the baby is born. Also, I had big flaky patches which I coated in moisturiser - am amazed to find that those have completely gone after changing to the Dr H recommendation not to wear it at night. Great stuff. SO...I think your products are fantastic in that they made me FEEL better and do calm my skin - most others inflame it more so I am really pleased. Anything you'd particularly recommend and is it really possible to reduce the APPEARANCE of rosacea with skin care alone? ANd what make-up should I wear to cover the redness without looking like a mask? Thanks from a confirmed fan!

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