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Gellish.....gellac....what's the difference???? And is it worth trying?

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alwaysrunninginheels Mon 26-Sep-11 11:49:38

The october hols are looming up here and i fancy having a well groomed look while on hol(bearing in mind my empolyers have seen fit to ban nail polish so i can only try this is the hols) So i saw a poster in my gym spa for can someone please tell me exactly what is this....what is the difference between that and gellac(or have i just imagined that) and would you say its worth giving a try. Bearing in mind i have very weak nails(blooming employers and alcohol gel)so i don't want to find they are completely wrecked afterwards. All advice very very welcome please!!!

miche8 Mon 26-Sep-11 13:02:49

theres also shellac, think they are all similar meant to last about 2 weeks and needs to be soaked off, you don't get any extra length, its just a long lasting gel polish from what i understand, haven't had it done yet as i have extensions but cut very short as my own nails break very easily, i wouldn't manage day to day house work if i had them any longer, when i have this lot off i think i might try the shellac but suspect i will go back to extensions as i don't think it will stop my nails breaking so easily.

gregssausageroll Mon 26-Sep-11 13:14:55

I have had the gel ones by nails inc and shellac. I'd never have the nails inc gel done again. Shellac is lovely and does last.

QuinnFabray Mon 26-Sep-11 13:53:35

Just different brand names for basically the same thing, although I suppose some might be better quality than others. Also depends on the technician who does it.

I've had Gelish done in a salon, which lasted about 8 days, and now I do Gelac on myself at home. I bought a cheap UV lamp and the Gelac stuff that you need from eBay. Mine last about a week to 10 days with no chipping, then the started to peel up a bit at the cuticle. It's not hard to do, I watched youtube videos to learn.

Anyhow, that's what I do, but yes I would recommend both Gelish and Gelac. It's basically a hardwearing gel nailpolish, that is cured under a lamp, and lasts for much longer than normal polish. Both these soak off easily, and I found it strengthens the nails rather than damages them. As long as it's applied and removed properly.

ujjayi Mon 26-Sep-11 18:55:02

I wouldn't use them on already weak nails. I had Gelac on my finger nails twice and they were wrecked. Took a couple of months to get them in decent condition again. However, I still have gelac pedicures and I love them. My toe nails are obviously not as delicate! And it was a real treat to not have to constantly re-do my pedi over the summer as they last around 6 weeks on my tootsies smile

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