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Can anyone advise how to style this hair?

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SlinkingOutsideInSocks Mon 26-Sep-11 02:55:36


I have horrible hair. It is very thick and bouffy - has masses of volume, but gets more voluminous the further down the length you get, so it always looks like I have a triangle on my head, if you get what I mean. It tends very much towards dry and is coarse. It is neither straight nor curvy nor wavy; just horrible.

I am nearly 38 and have yet to come across a hairdresser who actually 'gets' my hair and produces a style that works with it.

GHDs never made it at all sleek - maybe my hair was just too coarse for it? At the moment I use a Babyliss Big Bair on it (not that it needs to be any bigger), and that produces a lovely result, but never ever holds - the bouff always wins out in the end.

Anyway - at the moment it is just below shoulder length and I simply pull it back all the time, as that is easiest (I have a baby and a toddler). I was thinking of some sort of bob that would be easy enough to maintain, and perhaps work with my hair.

Can anyone advise how this hair style would be created? It's not perfectly straight, it has a bit of shape and body to it, and I just wondered how that would be achieved.

Thank you. smile

itchywitch Mon 26-Sep-11 07:18:19

No idea about the style but I have some ideas for you.

For one, have you tried getting layers put into your hair? That should take away some of the volume at the ends (but run away if they bring out those thinning scissor things though, they just create more frizz)

Also consider using a non or low sulphate shampoo and a decent moisturising conditioner. Perhaps even a leave-in to apply once out of the shower if your hair is really that dry.

I'd suggest checking out the naturallycurly website. There's a wavy section which might have some good ideas for managing your hair. I've found it useful and my hair isn't quite curly but its definitely not straight.

scootergal Mon 26-Sep-11 07:28:09

I have long hair. It s v thick. It s taken me ages to find a hairdresser that can cut it - basically less is more with it and I now pay a lot of money every 6 months or so to get 'my cut' which is really a gently layered trim- crazy but at least I like my hair now. It s worth googling, asking everyone you know locally, ask people who
S hair looks similar to yours in nature and who s style you like where they get it cut - and save if you have to and go get some one good to do that first new cut for you. Interview or chat to the hairdresser before you let You ve had your hair all your life so you ll know someone that's blagging!
It s worth it to Get someone who understands hair.
I swim lots and recently bought pantene colour treatment - 2 min treatment you put innin the shower. I use it about 4 times in succession the first week Instead of conditioner ( if you have time put it on leave innwith shower hat on over it for half hour then rinse out) and then twice a week after that- it has made made a fabulous difference to the condition of my hair - totally silky and lovely. I was thinking of putting a post up about it here even ( no i dont work for them ) Another tip it to use a round bristle brush and hairdryer on the top layer of your hair - this calms the frizz down - these two tips have made my hair smooth and soft and silky with very little effort.
I don't know about they style you have picked out - again if you find a stylist you trust they should be able to tell you if it s something you could maintain yourself - it s nice though!
Give the pantene a go definitely - oh and after I had my babies I remember someone recommending vitamin b complex to me to improve skin hair and nails. Hth

scootergal Mon 26-Sep-11 07:31:06

Oops just re read that when I said' you ve had your hair all your life you ll know some that s blagging ' obviously I meant you ll know if someone understands your hair from
How they talk about it etc, I was not implying that having hair makes you a better judge of character grin

SlinkingOutsideInSocks Mon 26-Sep-11 09:13:51

grin scooter

Thanks both of you - some fantastic tips here. smile

SlinkingOutsideInSocks Mon 26-Sep-11 09:19:49

Oh yes, and it's had many a layer in it in its time and that does help, but even then I still often get triangle hair.

I must admit, quite a few hairdressers have used the thinning scissors - in fact, the last time I had it cut she went mad with them and it never occurred to me to question it. Funnily enough I'm experiencing the worst triangle hair I've had in ages... hmm Coincidence?!

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