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Key winter maternity items for 25 yr old

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igglesniggle Sun 25-Sep-11 22:10:10

Name changed as this is a very new pregnancy that I dont want to tempt fate announcing yet!

I would be eternally grateful if anyone could send me some links of some on trend winter maternity items that won't break the bank and that I can start wearing from now e.g. Ten weeks. without looking like I'm wearing maternity tents!

I have some skinny jeans left over from previous pregnancy, a couple of plain vests and that's it! I have some large chunky knit cardis that will hopefully see me through the winter with a growing waist band.

As a total clothes-a-holic I want my autumn winter wardrobe now but don't want to have to rebuy it all in maternity in a few months.... Is this a possible task?!

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Sun 25-Sep-11 22:16:09

It depends on your size, shape and wether you're a 'swallowed a beachball' kind of pregnant person or a swelling up everywhere one. i would think you could get away with normal clothes for a while yet, I'm 15 weeks and still in normal jeans but have bought some Topshop maternity slim leg jeans for the next few weeks. The problem at this stage is that maternity clothes are all too big., but my normal clothes are gettign too tight, especially at the bust blush I'm going to buy some cheap basics to last through til the maternity stuff is really needed. I do hate being stuck in the looking fat stage though. Leggings and dresses go some way to disguising the bump, and now it's getting colder I htink dresses, tights and boots are going to be my saviour.

LDNmummy Sun 25-Sep-11 22:27:42

I have worn normal clothes till the last few weeks. I'm also 25 and looking back the only thing I wish I had bought is some maternity jeans which you seem to have all sorted.

I am a 'swallowed a beach ball' and my friend was a 'swelling up everywhere' kind of pregnant and we both did what fuckity has suggested and bought staple items in larger and/ or stretchier sizes.

She wore these items right up until birth a few weeks ago and I have only just had to stop recently at about 36 weeks. I'm have since been using a maternity skirt and today I finally broke out my maternity denim pinafore. Everything else is normal clothing in larger sizes.

LDNmummy Sun 25-Sep-11 22:33:22

If anything, it would be way easier to do this with winter clothing. I would say just invest in a good warm swing or cape coat, or a similar style. Early in my pregnancy I split the seam on the lining for my lovely reiss winter coat because I continued to wear it right up until I realise I couldn't zip it up anymore.

igglesniggle Sun 25-Sep-11 22:52:46

Thanks so far everyone. I'm currently a size 12. None of last years winter wardrobe will fit on account of being 18 as dd was born last October. In my last pregnancy I ballooned. I was a 12 pre pregnancy and put on 4 stone blush Just managed to shift the baby weight and im pregnant again!

Hense why I want to start this winter off in maternity wear rather than buying 'normal' size 12 then potentially having to rebuy everything again in a few weeks. I was in maternity wear by 20 weeks last time.

Going to try and lay off the late night cheese and crackers this time I think!

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Sun 25-Sep-11 22:59:13

You've done very well to shift the weight. I ballooned in my previous 2 pregnancies as well, and am currently a size 12 atm too. I'm being very conscious of what I eat this time and staying more active, whereas last time I had an office job and ate biscuits and guzzled orange juice all day. I'm hoping i don't get too big this time so am optimistically not buying too many clothes until I absolutely need to. I've put on 5lbs so far and I know that by this stage both times before I'd put on way over a stone so I'm doing OK I think. The thing I know I need is a coat as I'm getting so cold, but I'm going to scour a few charity shops when the dc are at school/preschool this week and hope to pick up a swing coat, I know there were lots about a few years ago. I just don't want one that drowns me, but I need it to see me through til March.

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