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Need style inspiration

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Homelybird Sun 25-Sep-11 11:09:10

I have never been very interested in fashion I want to where nice things but always seem to get it wrong.

I really want to start to build my self confidence up. I want to look more stylish. I'm a jeans trainers type of person and I hate it really. Problem is I weigh 14 stone and I am 5ft 1". So not nice shape. I carry most of the weight around my abdomen. Since having c section a year ago, I have found no motivation to lose weight, other than I want to be thin, I cannot help but comfort eat. So I thought I new tact to this might be if I make more of an effort with myself then that might help my confidence and provide motivation to lose
weight iyswim.

I have decided after being blonde all my life (dull blonde) I'm going to go brunette and get a chunky fringe. But when it comes to clothes I'm clueless and can't help thinking due to my shape - it won't matter what I wear I'm gonna look horrible anyway.

I'm hoping someone will read my lengthy/needy post and have some inspiration for me I'm so fed up with feeling like an ugly, fat unstylish frump!

Thank you

Homelybird Sun 25-Sep-11 11:09:44

*Wear nice things

cedge Sun 25-Sep-11 11:35:02

I think the reason your unhappy is your weight. Buying nice clothes may give your esteem a short term boost but in the long run acceptance of your weight or losing weight is the only answer.
Maybe make a dual aim - to reward your self with a shopping spree when you meet a target weight?

mirpuppet Sun 25-Sep-11 20:49:18

What cedge says makes sense.

HotBurrito1 Sun 25-Sep-11 21:01:57

Wearing jeans and trainers all of the time does get you down. I wonder if the new hairdo, coupled with a few smarter clothing options might give you the boost you are looking for to make you feel motivated. How about investing in some smart shoes to start with, that you can still wear when you lose the weight?

Then spend a little on some fairly cheap separates(skirts blouses), and maybe a dress. Then you won't have invested too much when you need a smaller size smile

cleanteeth Sun 25-Sep-11 21:09:54

It's scary how much you sound like me homely! I weigh slightly less at 10st and am 5ft 2 with short legs and a big round bum and a little bit of a belly, I always comfort eat aswell. Just after I had DS I decided I needed a kick up the bum 'cos I was feeling so fat and ugly and boring. I really feel for you and hope your confidence builds up soon. You sound lovely smile

Anyway, I've been going for a couple of chunky knit cardi's that go to just below my bum, I prefer more rounded ones or a waterfall effect as it seems to flatter my shape more. If you carry your weight on your belly, what are your legs like? You should make the most of them and wear skinnies with boots. I also layer my tops e.g. a slighly looser top with a fitted vest underneath. Wrap around cardigans are great for hiding a belly aswell.

I still wear jeans and trainers alot but I've tried getting prettier trainers or pumps which go with a smart casual top and a cardi.

I totally agree that finding clothes to suit you and make you feel better about yourself will help you either lose weight or just become happier with the weight you are smile Hope this helps

pissedrightoff Sun 25-Sep-11 21:54:22

Here's what I would do

Invest whatever money you can spare in great footwear, bags and accessories. And a belted coat in a fabulous colour. (Wait until you have had your hair done to see what colours suit you)
Try wearing things like knitted dresses with leggings, you can get these pretty cheaply (Tesco had a few nice ones recently)

As someone said above, once you start to feel better about yourself this will probably spur you on to a healthier weight, Then you can buy more new clothes but your new accessories will last you for years and years.

cleanteeth Sun 25-Sep-11 22:34:40

Also agree with pissed, accessories really can make an outfit. Just keep an eye out for peoples style that you like whilst out and about, its easy to get inspiration. Also if you wear your sleeves to your elbows or wear empire line tops/dresses it automatically makes you look a bit taller. Great trick smile

Homelybird Mon 26-Sep-11 01:16:07

Thank you all for your replies I really do appreciate it. When I had dd 1 (natural birth) I manage to lose 4 stone (on s.w) I got down to 9.7stone I was so happy. The weight started creeping back on and we got pregnant very quickly we were trying so i was over the moon, I put back on the 4 stone and a little bit more sad during and after the pregnancy. Since having dd2 I have had pnd which has contributed to my lack of confidence. I have tried sw, ww and curves and given up within two weeks and straight back to comfort eating again blush.

So, I'm going to take on board all the advice given here, dp gave me some money for my birthday for a shopping spree and a spa day but very reluctant to go due to my weight. Hoping buying some new stuff clothes accessories shoes, will do the trick. Oh and my new hair. I really do appreciate the replies. I'm going to re join sw as it's the one I like best and I could live on jacket potatoes if neededsmile.

Doesn't help that iwork shifts and am always so tired and wake up so hungry.

Thanks again everyone smile

HotBurrito1 Mon 26-Sep-11 13:51:23

You have to go on the spa day, as I am very envy!! Take a friend and chill out. Spending some time on myself always gives me a lift.

Enjoy the shopping trip. Let us know what you buy!

cleanteeth Mon 26-Sep-11 19:35:11

Yeah let us know! Spa day sounds fab, dont worry about your body, just sit back and relax smile

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