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personal question re hair removal from delicate areas.

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waybuloothebelt Sat 24-Sep-11 20:58:37

What method of hair removal from the bekini area doesn't itch like mad when it grows back? I'd never be brave enough to go for a wax. I've tried shaving and that itches like buggary. I tried imack years ago, but can't remember if it itched when it grew back.
Do you know of anything at all that doesn't itch or leave tell tale red spots?

Oh and just a thought, how come when you trim your lady garden it grows back, but if you never trimmed it it wouldn't end up down to your knees. confused It's interesting as hair is dead, how does it know enough's enough?

waybuloothebelt Sat 24-Sep-11 21:19:05


sprinkles77 Sat 24-Sep-11 21:35:17

Waxing. Really not that painful, especially if you have a little trim first. Best of all, laser. Did mine about 10 years ago ("extended" bikini line, not as drastic as a brazillian) and has needed very little attention since, occasionally plucked a few hairs with the tweezers, and the occasional brazillian before holidays.

onepieceofcremeegg Sat 24-Sep-11 21:37:33

I honestly don't find waxing particularly painful. (and I don't have a high pain threshold)

Champagnevanity Sat 24-Sep-11 22:02:43

^^ No, me either to the painful waxing.

But usually its just shaving when i do my legs, underarms in the shower. It didnt itch that much when it grew back either, but everyone's different. I found it alot more convienient than having to go for a wax every couple of weeks.

LizzieBusy Sat 24-Sep-11 22:07:36

laser, its brilliant if you are dark haired

kellestar Sat 24-Sep-11 22:24:12

Waxing takes time to build up a pain tolerance took a year off from waxing and it was eye watering the first time, after that you get better at tolerating the pain. I go for leg, bikini and eyebrow wax, used to have underarm as well.

I've told DH if we ever come into a little bit of money I'm going to get some laser hair removal, then we had a lengthly debate on what area first grin.

A friend had her hair lasered, she asked for money towards it for her 30th birthday/christmas present. I would be too embarrassed to ask, but it looks really good, she's very pale and dark haired.

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