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Can you please vote on these shrugs please and I need help with shoes.

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SnugglyDuckling Sat 24-Sep-11 16:25:13

Feb wedding.

Am wearing this dress

but which bolero?




And what shall I do shoe wise considering I can't walk in heels and will have alot of children to run after??


forrestgump Sat 24-Sep-11 17:50:14

Im not keep on either (dont shoot me down) but I love the dress.

SnugglyDuckling Sat 24-Sep-11 17:54:32

but I need something to cover up a bit with. It'll be freezing and I don't like my arms.

SnugglyDuckling Sun 25-Sep-11 13:15:03


SueNarmy Sun 25-Sep-11 13:18:08

its an evening do?
dresses are a bit slinky for the day imo

SnugglyDuckling Sun 25-Sep-11 15:03:24

its a wedding in hotel at 4pm, dinner and evening reception

shit, please dont say that ive bouht it and cant return it now and its the first thing ive bought in ages sad

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