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in real life - no one ties scarves jauntily to their handbags do they?

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SueNarmy Sat 24-Sep-11 14:37:26


Love the name.

I do - but only if I get too hot and can't be arsed to carry it. In fact, I currently have a leopard print one tied to my bag, as I've just returned from town and it was farkin boiling in all of the shops.

Hassled Sat 24-Sep-11 14:41:53

I rarely venture outdoors without a jaunty scarf on my handbag. I find it's useful for wiping noses.

SpangledPandemonium Sat 24-Sep-11 14:43:46

I have been known to tie a scarf to my bag for similar reasons to Remus.

I couldn't confirm that it was done jauntily

BlowHole Sat 24-Sep-11 14:44:12

I might do in future. Sounds like the kind of thing schoolgirls did in the eighties IIRC.

SueNarmy Sat 24-Sep-11 14:48:41

in other fashion judgements i think that thsoe trapper hats are like a " here is the wanker" symbol

those adn straw trilbys

madammecholet Sat 24-Sep-11 14:49:13

I did today, I had THE ebay scarf on, got too hot in town, so tied it over the handles of my bag ...............

OtterBjitch Sat 24-Sep-11 14:49:34

Would it not get all tangled up with the zips, tassels, numerous 'charms' and little blue dog? confused

BlowHole Sat 24-Sep-11 14:50:56

SueNarmy, my ex wears a straw trilby, he is a definite wanker.

SpangledPandemonium Sat 24-Sep-11 14:50:57

Are you looking at Next stuff?

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 24-Sep-11 14:51:04

Ladies of a certain age do that round these parts

And how's the leoapard cardi?

SueNarmy Sat 24-Sep-11 14:53:10

too hot to wear still - i overheat when i teach...

BlowHole Sat 24-Sep-11 14:53:27

How old do you have to be to be "of a certain age" Post 40?

SueNarmy Sat 24-Sep-11 14:54:12

gin and jag i think

with too much silver jewellery

BlowHole Sat 24-Sep-11 14:56:36

I'll get my (unfashionable) coat then.

DoubleDegreeStudent Sat 24-Sep-11 14:58:21

I do. It means a plain black bag looks more like it's meant to go with your outfit, and (opposite to Remus) if it gets cold I always have something extra to put on.

I also caught my friend doing the walk of shame. She pretended to ignore me and then later claimed it wasn't her, but I had spotted her scarf on her bag. No way she could deny that! grin

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 24-Sep-11 14:58:58

I was thinking more well preserved late 50's early 60's.

Oh Sue tried on a lovely top today in whistles - the adele double leopard 20% off in whistles next week with grazia . . .

Our school decided in their wisdom to turn the heating on the other day - AND we have to keep jackets on at all times. Bonkers.

DoubleDegreeStudent Sat 24-Sep-11 15:05:50

You have to keep your jacket on?! Are you a pupil or a teacher?!

A teacher! I know...I know....

rockinastocking Sat 24-Sep-11 15:17:09

God, that top is gorge.

SueNarmy Sat 24-Sep-11 15:50:14

i LOVE that
have much admired block heeled navy tassel suede laofers( £20 in next sale in summer)
kids adn staff LOVE them, would look nice with top

BehindLockNumberNine Sat 24-Sep-11 15:59:32

I do, but not jauntily. More in a it-is-too-hot-to-wear-this-thing-and-I-am-carrying-too-much-stuff-so-let's-tie-it-on-here-else-I-will-drop-it kind of way...

warmandwooly Sat 24-Sep-11 16:25:22

I do for similar reasons to other posters..when it gets too hot i tie it on a handle. However its a rather messy affair as opposed to any sense of style

iWILLdothis Sat 24-Sep-11 17:17:35

Wished I had one of my bigger handbags with me yesterday rather than a tiny one, or I would have tied mine up when I overheated!

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