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clothes/shoes recycling??

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holidaysoon Sat 24-Sep-11 03:53:08

OK I'm putting this here because you know about clothes...........and shoes

All those recycling bins are they looking for the secret unrecognised armarni? are they looking for stuff in really good quality they can sell on or are they looking for the sort of old maybe torn or whatever stuff?

I would always know if I had anything designer
i don't unless you count Boden wink

I hand my good quality saleable stuff over the counter I'm not the sort to dump it outside the shop which leaves the left overs.

i was wondering however whether they really want them eg like nike recycling shoes to tennis courts or whatever or whether I should bin them


Parietal Sat 24-Sep-11 04:38:24

Lots of the bins are put there by companies which sell old clothes & shoes in Africa. They will use anything wearable regardless of style.

They can be problematic because - sometimes they only give a small % of the value to the charity named on the bin, and because selling 2nd hand clothes in Africa puts local clothes makers out of business.

I prefer to give things directly to a charity shop so at least the charity gets more benefit.

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