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fat face sizing

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southeastastra Fri 23-Sep-11 20:25:46

how does it come up?

southeastastra Fri 23-Sep-11 20:36:37

really like this lairy top!

CurwySwide Fri 23-Sep-11 20:46:59

I recently bought a very similar top and had to go up one size. When I mentioned this to the sales assistant, she said that this was a common issue and they'd had lots of comments from women having to go up a size in tops, and not being very happy about it.

However I did buy some jeans from there a while ago and I found those true to size, so it could just be that they make tops on the small size (or it could just be me). Probably not much help, sorry!

southeastastra Fri 23-Sep-11 20:52:53

no it's very helpful as i wanted a 16 and they've sold out, so will wait until i can get to the shop

i just couldn't stand it to be too small and the faff at sending it back etc!

BikeRunSki Fri 23-Sep-11 20:57:23

Totally random! In one trip to FF a couple of years ago, I bought some shorts in a 12, some shorts in a 16 and some jeans in a 14. All for me on same body. All fit much the same.

Grockle Fri 23-Sep-11 21:08:23

Yep, random - I have FF clothes in size 8 - 14 hmm

southeastastra Fri 23-Sep-11 21:18:09

now i wonder if i should risk it. i'm a 14 in most places! and they only have it left in 14

YouHaveNoPowerOverMe Sun 25-Sep-11 08:16:18

Think you'll have to go in store and try on.

I'm really liking FF at the moment but I bought two tops last week. Exactly the same tops but one green and one purple.

I had to get a 10 in the green but a 12 in the purple.hmm

sarimillie Sun 25-Sep-11 08:45:16

Think you'll be ok with the 14 tbh- I have that top and it is generously sized. Agree with the others that sizing is random- tried on other tops there and the arms were incredibly tight, but the arms on this one are fine. Lovely print.

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