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what type of coat is missing from my wardrobe?

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sweetheart Fri 23-Sep-11 12:28:34

I feel the need to buy a new coat this season after having my colours done. I'd like something with a real pop of colour to brighten up the winter BUT I'm not sure what style to go for. I already have:-

a short black leather jacket - I'm not supposed to wear back but it is practical and I love wearing it on a night out.

a dull green (ish) sort of parker coat which is thigh length and has a flimsy fold away hood. It's my school run coat.

a thigh length cream belted mac, I wear it for work really - it looks rubbish with jeans (in fanct it's kind of the wrong length to wear with trousers). It's smart but not very warm

a kind of ski jacket - it's my sport coat! Football sidelines on very cold and frosty / wet mornings.

I'd like something I can wear with trousers, short skirts and long skirts so I guess I'd probably be looking for a shorter coat but I'm drawn to longer ones (quite fancy a duffle coat). I've always fancied a military one too but not quite sure I could pull off the look.

moondog Fri 23-Sep-11 12:31:07

I'm after this which has come down 25%.
I will I'm afraid have to put you into a half nelson for using the term 'pop of colour' however.

ShirleySharpeyes Fri 23-Sep-11 12:37:38

I think you need a good, warm, smart wool coat. I have my eye on a couple from Uniqlo here What season are you - there are some good ones from Autumn but not exactly bright colours. Or how about a red Top Shop duffle?. I am also in market for a good wool coat, so have been browsing, but not decided yet.

moondog Fri 23-Sep-11 12:39:54

I like this but it's grey and could i worry, look frumpy.

Don't go for a duffle.
They are so frumpy.

ShirleySharpeyes Fri 23-Sep-11 13:04:52

Agree you have to be quite cool or young to get away with a duffle. My 4 year old DD looks fab in hers! I think that grey uniqlo one has frump qualities I am afraid - although it could be useful it is a bit dull, I like the one witht eh funnel neck. But most wool coats are a bit sensible. I like this but fear it may be a bit capacious/dressing gown like.

LeBOF Fri 23-Sep-11 13:10:09

What you clearly don't have is this. You know it makes sense.

moondog Fri 23-Sep-11 17:40:24

My kids have those Lebof. Amazing what you can get away with whewn under 10.
Shirl ,that's a bit dull too eh?

NatureAbhorsAHoover Fri 23-Sep-11 19:56:50

If you're looking for colour, Reiss is doing the best reds and blues right now.

MissBeehiving Fri 23-Sep-11 20:08:14

I've been lusting after that one Shirley smile

Ignore the fact that this is sleb endorsed - I think it is quite versatile <bends over in anticipation of the cane from Mooney for using a verboten phrase> wink

moondog Fri 23-Sep-11 20:10:46

That camel number could look a teeny bit mumsy in ewrong hasnds I fear.

ShirleySharpeyes Fri 23-Sep-11 21:42:14

Oh god - who knew a sensible wool coat search would prove to be such a mumsy mine field. I have a lovely wool/cashmere camel coat bought for a fiver from a charity shop nearly 19 years ago, think I shall be making do with that this year!

MrsBloomingTroll Fri 23-Sep-11 22:53:08

Don't do the duffle! Bought a v expensive one a few years back, hardly wore it.

If you are unsure, why don't you try to find some second-hand contenders on eBay and buy a few?

I found a few amaaaaazing coats on there last year which will keep me going for years to come. Gorgeous navy blue Aquascutum short belted wool coat for £50, wore it loads and it will last me for years. People buy coats and get bored of them. At least you could have fun with trying out a few styles for less than buying new?

MrsBloomingTroll Fri 23-Sep-11 22:55:39

moondog the grey coat option is fine as long as you have a few colourful scarves (in your "colours", natch) to liven it up.

Do I get a half nelson for 'natch'?

moondog Sat 24-Sep-11 09:57:25

Yes I think so too.
I love a charcoal grey myself.
(No, just a jocular ruffling of hair.)

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