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I met Mary Portas today

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cyb Thu 22-Sep-11 22:04:59

And was filmed talking to her. And I looked like SHIT

MissBeehiving Thu 22-Sep-11 22:06:49

<adjusts interrogation lamp>

What were you wearing?
What was she wearing?
What was it about?
What did you say?

I think she usually looks pretty terrible tbh - so I wouldn't worry!

What was she wearing?

Katisha Thu 22-Sep-11 22:08:27

Did you ask her why her much hoped for clothing collection is unwearable unless you are actually her?

animula Thu 22-Sep-11 22:10:59

I want to know more. Come back, Cyb. What were you talking about? Or have you been threatened with death if you reveal anything prior to filming?

MissBeehiving Thu 22-Sep-11 22:12:41

You're not talcing Cod's thighs at Question Time are you? shock

noddyholder Thu 22-Sep-11 22:13:16

I bet you looked better than her!

cyb Thu 22-Sep-11 22:14:55

Ok I was straight from work, meeting mate in London. I have THE COLD OF THE CENTURY and a job that means I cannot wear anything remotely nice

We ambled up to House Of fraser , lookied around and I saw her and whispered to mate and we guffawed

She was wearing cool black jumper, really cool trews (soon to be in her shop) Hair much blonder. Natural make up. Own range boots <wracks brain>

My mate bought a few bits and she started chatting to us at the till PLUS CAMERA and sound boom and I had to sign something to say they can show it so if you see a greasy faced 41 year old with a cold TURN OVER

cyb Thu 22-Sep-11 22:15:33

Mate bought a pair of skinny J brand jeans. For £200!!! But they were AMAZING on her

animula Thu 22-Sep-11 22:17:25

Oh v. good attention to detail in your observation.

Have you seen those adverts. for the Secret Services on the tube? They're looking for people like you! smile

<Ponders the "really cool" trousers>

I am sure you look gorgeous and not at all shiny.

cyb Thu 22-Sep-11 22:19:32

No I really did look like the wrath of God. Her trews looked like crap on the hanger, elasticated waist, tapered leg, black. But looked fab on

noddyholder Thu 22-Sep-11 22:21:27

elasticated waist shock I am getting to the age where that sounds comfy SHOOT ME!

cyb Thu 22-Sep-11 22:23:28

My mate has size 9 feet and Mary was APPALLED her shoes didnt go up to a size 9. So she's going to GET ON IT

cyb Thu 22-Sep-11 22:23:48

How are you nodders? Long time no see

noddyholder Thu 22-Sep-11 22:25:03

I am ok! Have sold another house and am living in a hovel in rough prt of town and ds says it is the best house we have ever had grin,Is MP skinny

cyb Thu 22-Sep-11 22:26:52

Yes but not <gasp> skinny iykwim. Size 10 I would say.

noddyholder Thu 22-Sep-11 22:28:32

That is skinny to me atm. How did your exams go

ggirl Thu 22-Sep-11 22:29:15

does she look ridiculously young for her age??

mamijacacalys Thu 22-Sep-11 22:29:34

ROFL @ Katisha grin
Not bowled over by the pics of the clothing collection on line but maybe need to go and view in RL.
However, the Clarks shoe range is gorgeous - saw them in the shop yesterday.
What else did you talk about? <<nosey>>

I don't think she'd have talked to you esp on camera if you looked that shit


ggirl Thu 22-Sep-11 22:30:32

I do think her clothing collection is more suited to the tall/slim woman.

Decorhate Thu 22-Sep-11 22:34:58

Yes Noddy, you need to get Twittering. Even Cyb has been converted!

cyb Thu 22-Sep-11 22:36:00

Exam went great! I got 95% which made me fall off my chair.

ggirl no she looked her age, but good. And I agree her range is suited to the slimmer amongst us, there were a lot of strange pieces I didnt like, most of it 'statement'

An really skinny older lady (70) with a chic silver bob was trying on one of the black jersey tight dresses. We all coo'ed and said how great she looked ( I was sipping the coffee brought to me by assistant)

My mate was wearing Juicy Couture black velvet wide legged trousers for ease of trying on clothes and was mortified so she told Mary she'd just had surgery

noddyholder Thu 22-Sep-11 22:45:01

pmsl @ just had surgery!

cyb Thu 22-Sep-11 22:46:23

Bloody Mary believed her, mate had to back pedal

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