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Coat falling to pieces

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MrsBlarney Thu 22-Sep-11 16:20:12

I got a coat in the sale last January. Wore it a bit, put it away in the summer, and discovered the other week that the lining is all starting to fray. One pocket has a big hole in it and the back is also all frayed, from about waist to hem, and getting worse by the day.

It was from Toast so I rang them up and they said they'll pay for it to be relined if I get some quotes.

So I went and got some quotes, and emailed them to customer services.

Now they've emailed back saying they want the coat back to inspect.

Is this normal do you think? I feel like they don't believe me and want to make sure I haven't damaged it deliberately. Also I want to wear it a lot in this weather and don't want it gone for ages.

What do you think? It wasn't cheap even in the sale.

Vi8 Thu 22-Sep-11 19:41:44

Terrible! I would expect any decent coat to last, I've got a 6 year old one from french connection and a similar age one from tkmaxx (don't know the brand but it cost £60 back then), and the lining was starting to fray last winter, but they'll last another year and still look great. Toast is expensive, so I would never expect such poor quality... they should offer something better...

MrsBlarney Fri 23-Sep-11 07:36:04

thanks smile I guess they need to see it...but I want to wear it! sad

I just hope they don't lose it or something. Not sure exactl;y what they are looking at though, I mean the seams are clearly still there, just the fabric has come right away through fraying.

I guess maybe they need to get onto their suppliers about it, though I'd prefer if they told me it wasn't just my coat. I hope it's happened to others - not through wanting other people to have this problem but just so they don't say 'Look you have knackered it, it's not our fault' iyswim.

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