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Hypoallergenic make up - best brands?

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BigFatSpider Thu 22-Sep-11 16:19:38

Looking for a bit of help please...

I have really sensitive skin (especially eyes) and am allergic to most brands - Boots no. 7 is the absolute WORST for me. Formerly used Estee Lauder as the only one which didn't make me look as if I'd been eaten by bees, but this brand (as well as crippling me financially) now looks as if it's going the same way and I can't use their mascara/eyeliner/shadow any more sad

Can anyone recommend a good make up line which works well on sensitive skin? I don't go the whole foundation/blusher hog, but like to have something to make me less pale and completely uninteresting looking defined eyes.

Cheers smile

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