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Dress to get married in (but not a wedding dress)

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EllaRees Wed 21-Sep-11 21:17:14

We're getting married in March but with our sticky 18 month old son in attendance I don't think white is the way to go... Can anyone recommend a starting point for shopping in London please? I know I could roam the department stores but I was thinking of somewhere more like a boutique/independent shop or dressmaker. I really like the look of Decades vintage bridal shop but it's too expensive for me - budget under £500, which is surely enough for a nice frock!
Any suggestions very welcome.

DaisyHayes Wed 21-Sep-11 21:35:13

Ok, what size are you?

And - I know that you think you don't want a wedding wedding dress, but how about a vintage one, like this 1970s one which is much cooler than a Monsoon type job and really pretty?

DaisyHayes Wed 21-Sep-11 21:39:03

Or if definitely against white, what about something like this 50s cocktail dress? Or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

EllaRees Wed 21-Sep-11 22:00:56

Thanks for your help! I'm size 8 in Monsoon and 10 in Reiss but those fit my wide hips/smaller top half pear shape - some places just plain don't fit.

I would like full length.

You're right - vintage does make it less weddingy, but I had a silvery blue grey colour in mind I think.

mythical Wed 21-Sep-11 22:06:54

shame you want full length i think these are gorgeous link

mythical Wed 21-Sep-11 22:09:37

this is a website that does bespoke dresses - link

FlabbyGleek Wed 21-Sep-11 22:12:59

Whirling Turban also does made to measure and ready to wear vintage style dresses - worth a look?

FlabbyGleek Wed 21-Sep-11 22:15:37

And a website called Courtesan Boutique was one of the first sites I saw linked to on here and they have some beautiful dresses!

DaisyHayes Wed 21-Sep-11 22:18:00

This is rather lovely. And not too weddingy.

mippy Wed 21-Sep-11 22:23:52

Monsoon have a dress called Betty or Betsy that's a kind of silvery teal colour. Not full lenght, though.

DoubleDegreeStudent Wed 21-Sep-11 22:47:51

Aftershock on South Molton Street have an evening gown section downstairs. Their website is a bit iffy, and their collections can be a bit hit and miss, but worth popping by if you are in the area. I tried on this but in cream, not black and white. It was gorgeous, but a bit more than I could justify spending. I still wish I'd bought it...

wompoopigeon Wed 21-Sep-11 22:58:31

Liberty is always worth a look. Got my twenties style wedding dress from there. It was sold as an evening dress not wedding dress so good value.

zoley Wed 21-Sep-11 23:00:05

I didn't want to get married in a wedding dress either so I bought a vintage cocktail dress pattern on Ebay, asked friends for dressmaker recommendations and found a great one locally.
4 appointments over 2 months and I got married in exactly the dress that I wanted (teal silk, fitted beautifully) for the very reasonable sum of £230 and was very happy with it!
Good luck in your dress search, hope you find something beautiful.

emsyj Wed 21-Sep-11 23:08:04

Joanne Fleming in Brighton does bespoke and her prices are quite reasonable - it says from £800 on the website I think, but I paid a lot less than that.

I sell 50s style dresses ((plug plug plug)) and many of them come in full length too - and in different colours. I have a zillion fabric swatches for them. Most are under £500 too. Private mail me if you want a link to my site - don't want to post as should not advertise.

ZhenXiang Wed 21-Sep-11 23:10:49

Maybe this?

ZhenXiang Wed 21-Sep-11 23:24:30

This site does hundreds of evening/prom dresses, but you can pick the colour and size from a wide range and they deliver to you. Not vintage, but some styles are obviously based on vintage cuts.

Ifancyashandy Wed 21-Sep-11 23:31:01

What about something from Lucy In Disguise (Lily Allens company). Prices start around £150 Available in Harvey Nicks.

This is lovely here

ZhenXiang Wed 21-Sep-11 23:42:02

Another one from same site.

ZhenXiang Wed 21-Sep-11 23:44:39

and another.

ZhenXiang Thu 22-Sep-11 00:00:56

Just found this site maybe this?

WishIwasCherryMenlove Thu 22-Sep-11 11:46:41

Ella am having very similar wedding next May with DS who will be just over 2 in attendance. I have been looking about for non weddingy dresses, thinking of going to Candy Anthony who do 50s style prom dresses.

Emsyj I will try to send you a message, but not quite sure how, can you send me your link to your website also?

AWimbaWay Thu 22-Sep-11 14:09:37

I love this dress, quite fancy though and shipped from the states so a bit of a pin if it didn't fit.

tethersend Thu 22-Sep-11 15:17:39

Go to Kingly Court in Carnaby street, lots of high end vintage shops there- get a full length 'evening dress'.

Then check out blackout 2 in covent garden

Then head up to Alfie's antique market on edgware road and look at deborah woolf

tethersend Thu 22-Sep-11 15:36:39

Some ideas:


Purple Alexander McQ


My favourite wedding dress

Damsel in a Dress

Amanda Wakeley

AWimbaWay Thu 22-Sep-11 17:44:11 In the smoke colour?

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