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Cant find any boots<sobs>

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pink4ever Wed 21-Sep-11 20:55:13

I am struggling to find the ideal boot for winter. I want them to go with tea dresses,chunky knits,jumper dresses and leggings-you get the idea.
My criteria are-has to be black leather,either flat or low heel(love high heel boots but not practical with the shit winter forecasted). HATE online shopping-refuse to shell out good cash without trying on. So has to be high street.
Am prepared to pay up to £100 but ideally would like to spend £60 to £80. Had found a few pairs I liked then tethers told me they were mums bootssad
Help please.

pink4ever Thu 22-Sep-11 15:38:19

Hopeful bump.

tethersend Thu 22-Sep-11 15:42:57


Actually, maybe I did. Sorry. If you like, them get them- don't listen to me smile

pink4ever Thu 22-Sep-11 15:48:11

No tethers you were right they were mumsy-plus I didnt love them and dont want to spend that amount of money unless I reaaalllyy love them!
Fine me some boots damn it!

MotherPanda Thu 22-Sep-11 15:50:57

Clarks have some nice boots coming in - i am very much of the jumper dress persuasion and always wear suede with leggings. my favourite too are

My DH works at clarks so always sends me a text when something new comes in that he thinks I might like - means I always get a 33% discount too.

What exactly are mums boots? and why is it bad to be seen wearing them?

MotherPanda Thu 22-Sep-11 15:51:36

TWO, sorry.

pink4ever Thu 22-Sep-11 15:58:02

I liked the Clarks orinoco jazz ones but was told they were mumsy. Think mumsy just means that they are a sort of uniform for mums as everyone wears them-ie black or brown clumpy,flat knee boots.
Thing is I do agree they are a bit mumsy but I need some thing hard wearing and comfortable as walk every where so the high heels that I so love are just not practicalsad

tethersend Thu 22-Sep-11 16:25:17

What about:



New Look

What happened with the zara ones?

Collision Thu 22-Sep-11 16:29:37

these arrived for me today.


Saw them in the shop and loved them. Knew I had a 20% discount on them on Mumsnet and got them for £63! they are lush and lovely.

Collision Thu 22-Sep-11 16:31:01

Haha! Should have read properly as they are the ones that you say are mumsy.

I can assure you they are not!!!!! angry

Honeypie80 Thu 22-Sep-11 16:34:53

Ive just ordered them today too, they're definitely not mumsy on though, in fact the most comfy pair of boots ive ever owned (does that make them mumsy tho ???)

Collision Thu 22-Sep-11 16:36:31

would-rather-be-comfy-than-have-hurty-feet-and-I-do-not-care-if-that-makes me-mumsy!!!!

MrsVoltar Thu 22-Sep-11 16:36:53

Don't think the clarks orinoco jazz are mumsy, pic here
unless you are going to wear them with bootcut jeans over them wink

MrsVoltar Thu 22-Sep-11 16:38:04

x-posted, Collision posted while I was googling clarks.

SixtyFootDoll Thu 22-Sep-11 16:39:50

Do you still have the code collision? I fancy the first clarkes ones in khaki!

tethersend Thu 22-Sep-11 16:45:48

Hahaha, the ornico jazz are the very ones I derided as mumsy. Sorry.

There you go Pink, I'm in a minority grin

Aworryingtrend Thu 22-Sep-11 16:50:18 brown not black but under £100, I bought them last week and am dying to wear them but its been too warm!

MrsVoltar Thu 22-Sep-11 16:51:20

I'm quite sure these are more like the dreaded 'mum-boots' grin

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Thu 22-Sep-11 16:52:59

Have you tried ?

LadyMary Thu 22-Sep-11 16:55:08

I've got a couple of pairs of flat black boots and these Top shop ones are one of my faves - very comfy, light and versatile.

polyhymnia Thu 22-Sep-11 17:24:27

Tried on the Norley Cedars in both colours the other day. Like the look and seem very comfortable. But quality not the greatest I've seen and not sure how they'll last, as both seem a bit thin, tbh. But then with the 20% off they're not very expensive.

Much prefer the ebony version - I didn't hugely like the 'distressed' look of the so-called khaki ones, and also wondered if the light colour would pretty quickly look grubby raher than distressed. Whereas the ebony are a good dark colur and made my feet look smaller.

SixtyFootDoll Thu 22-Sep-11 17:28:04

I just ordered the khaki Norley cedars, using BEFRIENDS code, got 20% off.

Vi8 Thu 22-Sep-11 19:30:14

I've just bought a lovely Clarks pair from one of their factory shops, they must be last year's, knee high, small heel, black, really comfy, and.... £49.99!!!!!!

Collision Thu 22-Sep-11 19:32:32

Yes BEFRIENDS is still working.

Free P&P too which is brilliant!

CrispyHedgehog Thu 22-Sep-11 19:40:24

what's the calf like in clarks? I'm really liking the orinocos but I've got calves like tree trunks sad

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