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Calling tall ladies!

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MyChildDoesntNeedSleep Wed 21-Sep-11 18:31:32

What type of shoes do you wear when you're wearing a nice dress for a night out?

At almost 5'10 I hate shopping for shoes as I can't wear heels (well, I COULD, but I feel so self-concious). I tend not to wear dresses for this reason sad.

I'm not fussy, just black shoes that'll look nice with a little black dress, preferably no strap across the ankle and a low-ish heel.


HarrogateMum Wed 21-Sep-11 19:56:18

Ah you need to embrace your height with a heel! As a teenager I hated it, I am 5 foot 11 but now I love it and wear up to about 2.5 inch heels infact the only flat shoes I own are converse. In terms of low heels I have bought before, I would say mine are mainly from M and S, Next or high street shops like Dorothy Perkins or Wallis. I tend to wear a kitten heel with a strap around the back and either peep toe or fully covered up. Not sure this helps in any way but get some heels on - some people will be looking (UP) at you enviously!

CMOTdibbler Wed 21-Sep-11 19:59:37

I like high heels -but dh is 6'2, so its not like I can tower over him

peasandlove Wed 21-Sep-11 22:16:09

I'm 6ft and I've worn heels plenty in the past.. not stilettos mind, but 2 inch or so. I had some lovely heels from New Look in the past, sort of a low heel and I always received compliments on them

LadyMary Wed 21-Sep-11 22:18:23

I'm 5'11 and wear heels, just not towering ones. Sometimes nothing lse will do. I like a two inch heel, not too spindly. You could go for a kitten heel if you want something lower.

workshy Wed 21-Sep-11 22:19:35

I love my inch heels and I'm 6ft

if you wear a dress you need a heel (even a small one)

owing to the fact I have massive boat feet (size 10) I get mine from Evans but next and new look have some lovely things up to a size 9
(not that you mentioned your show size or anything smile )

CubiksRube Wed 21-Sep-11 22:23:11

I'm not going to make a sensible suggestion here, so feel free to give me a biscuit!

I'm a bit over 5'10 and I love heels. HIGH heels; I consider 3 inches a lowish heel and love wearing skyscrapers. DP is 6'2" and of a night out I tower over him. I just hate the idea that as a tall woman I should be trying to minimise my height and try to remain 'feminine' so that I am still shorter than men.

So OP if it's self-consciousness that keeps you from wearing heels, sod it, you can absolutely wear them. As a starter heel, I recommend a 2-inch court shoe in a nice bright colour.

workshy Wed 21-Sep-11 22:24:35

just realised my 3 stuck

3 inch heels are my fave lol

peasandlove Wed 21-Sep-11 22:32:16

try these on for size with your black dress new look leopard courts

MyChildDoesntNeedSleep Wed 21-Sep-11 22:57:25

Ha ha workshy that was quite funny...I thought, well even I wear one inch heels! grin.

Sod it then, I'm going for a heel. I seem to be the only tall-y who doesn't embrace her height.

Now then, as I've never been a shoe person as explained above, I always go for black (shoes) when going out. peasandlove has linked to some leopard print courts. If I go for something like that with a black dress I take it the shoes will have to match the bag?Will a black bag look silly? <hopeless emoticon>

The sorts of dresses I am looking at are on my other thread "Help me find a sexy but sophisticated dress for my birthday"


Nandoosh Wed 21-Sep-11 23:12:03

Hello, I say wear a small heel after all its very flattering regardless of height. I say this confidently as I'm 6ft and proud to walk on the high street with 3-4inchs heels and although I'm not a model I do believe the streets are my catwalk! Lol, but on serious note as Gok Wan always says 'its all about the confidence' so I say EMBRACE IT! You will look beautiful, esp if the heels are a different colour (red) with matching accessories! (Remember not to go overboard with the accessories though) Red lip is always a big trend this season! You will look amazing; just remember small touches so you don't look like a drag queen. I would suggest if you are wearing a long black dress to wear red shinny shoes (another trend), red nails, red lip and that is it. Depending on the type of dress you might be able to get away with red belt but I wouldn't wear anything else red and you will look FABULOUS!!! ;-). HOWEVER if you do go for the leopard court shoes (also another trend), have red nails and you can have a black bag but red lips is a must this season esp for a special occasion oh and you can even have a red belt (again depending on the dress)...bring the sass in class. Lool.

Anyway, good luck with the outfit please let us know how it has turned out!

peasandlove Wed 21-Sep-11 23:19:37

wow with those dresses it would be wrong NOT to wear heels. Confidence is the key, have a couple of glasses of wine while you're getting ready and strut your stuff, have a great night

SlinkingOutsideInSocks Wed 21-Sep-11 23:25:43

I'm nearly 5"10' and I love my heels - no way would i not wear them. DH is tall also, so that helps, I guess.

I don't live in them, but I certainly don't eschew them for nights out. smile

MyChildDoesntNeedSleep Wed 21-Sep-11 23:27:19

Woo hoo, I'm getting excited now! grin

Thanks for the tips nandoosh, lots to think about for my shopping trip on Friday. Red, huh? Yeah, why the hell not? grin

Will definitely update with my final choices.

SlinkingOutsideInSocks Wed 21-Sep-11 23:37:14

Seriously - our long legs are (one of grin) our best features - why should we play them down?

It's weird when you think about it - no way would shorter women play down one of their best features; their hair, say, or their eyes - for fear of intimidating men.

The most beautiful women in the world - models - have long legs. Why wouldn't you embrace them? smile

TheGrassIsJewelled Fri 23-Sep-11 16:34:53

I'm another tall lady who used to avoid heels until reading this thread. Heels, here I come <stumbles off thread>

GetOrfMo1Land Fri 23-Sep-11 16:39:57

I am 6 feet and always wear heels - I love being tall.

I saw these beauties the other day and plan to buy them to wear to the MN meet up with a black dress

MyChildDoesntNeedSleep Fri 23-Sep-11 16:49:55

I bit the bullet and bought some heels today. I hope I won't feel like a drag queen in them. I think they're about 2 3/4 inch. Think I need to find some taller friends! grin

I'm a bit apprehensive about wearing them all the actual bleep do you guys manage it? Ooh, the thought of that pointy toe! shock

Shopping for them made me realise how much I've missed out over the years. I didn't have the first clue how to start.

TheGrassIsJewelled Fri 23-Sep-11 18:00:38

I'm going for these beauties. Am an amateur compared to getorf

<muses idea of a tall mn-ers meet up>>

MyChildDoesntNeedSleep Fri 23-Sep-11 19:25:17

Wow, GetOrf, those really are heels! envy

MyChildDoesntNeedSleep Fri 23-Sep-11 19:27:26

Yeah Grass, a meet-up where you guys can show me how it's done!

bigTillyMint Fri 23-Sep-11 19:30:13

I'm "only" 5'8", and nearly wear platforms/sedges/heels.

DH is 5'7". But he is very confident smile

Love the heels GetOrf!

Northumberlandlass Fri 23-Sep-11 19:34:27

I'm 6ft and rarely wear heels, DH is the same height as me, so I do tower over him.

I do like wearing heels especially with a good frock, but I hate the 'stripper' heels at the moment with the platform. I think I would look like a tranny..

Anyway, i have been inspired ladies...I will get some killer heels soon smile

TheGrassIsJewelled Fri 23-Sep-11 19:41:19

Don't think I should show you how its done - this will be my first pair of heels since 6th form (15+ years ago). I lost one at the leavers' ball, so hope this pair fare better...

peasandlove Fri 23-Sep-11 22:15:27

you could always start with something smaller like these asos ones here. If I wear hugely high heels I do feel a bit tranny-like too

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