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Best Foundation for Teen Skin?

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Sanesometimes1 Tue 20-Sep-11 16:39:20

I wonder if any of you can recommend a foundation for my dd, she is 14.5 and has, I think typical teen skin ( she thinks she has major skin problems !), it's a bit lumpy under the skin mainly on the forehead, no actual erupting spots but it can be a bit on the red side, she's been using a mousse type foundation which we now think is just too oily and possibly clogging her pores and making the lumps worse ?

so, any of you with teen dds or similar skin have any good tips/suggestions for us to try ?

MadameCastafiore Tue 20-Sep-11 16:41:56

DO not let her wear foundation - at that age they don't need it. Ian 36 and don;t use it.

Just a medicated touch stick to cover a blemish but they don't need a proper foundation at that age.

Cleaning your skin is much harder the more you put on it and you need to use stronger cleansers whcih aren't good for teenagers skin.

sunchild77 Tue 20-Sep-11 16:44:09

Agree with MadameCasta , although if she must wear some cover up "Nivea Young" tinted moisturiser is good for a little bit of coverage.

allhailtheaubergine Tue 20-Sep-11 16:44:50

Another vote for no foundation at that age.

Sanesometimes1 Tue 20-Sep-11 16:59:05

Thanks all - have let her read all of the replies and she's adament that she can't go without ( although tbh she does not wear an awful lot of it), she's worried about trying the tinted moisturiser as she thinks it will make her skin more oily ?

whojimmyflip Tue 20-Sep-11 17:22:23

How ridiculous - do any of you live in the real world?!

I am a makeup artist and I had bad skin as a teenager and being able to put on some makeup to cover the spots is massively important confidence wise. The problem is that teenagers tend to do it badly as they are just learning and because they care more about covering up than looking natural.

So I would suggest using a mineral base because it doesn't clog pores and can look as heavy or natural as you like. Lily Lolo does a very good range and you can get tester pots for around £1 so you can get a few to test the shade before committing to a bigger pot.

In terms of removing the makeup - get her into the oil cleansing method now (try Liz Earl) and she will be set for life.

Am happy to help if you have any more Qs Sanesometimes.

doglover Tue 20-Sep-11 17:32:36

I have to agree with WJF. The reality is that many teenagers do wear foundation and surely it's better for them to use appropriate products and apply correctly than smother themselves in unsuitable 'muck'. I intend to take my 13 dd to a make-up expert at our local John Lewis - probably Bobbi Brown - to be shown how to apply make-up when she shows a desire to wear it - she's not interested yet. My knowledge is minimal and I'd like her to be confident with any cosmetics she chooses to wear.

LaurieFairyCake Tue 20-Sep-11 17:38:40

Liz Earle has just brought out a tinted moisturiser which I imagine will be very kind to skin.

I do agree that mineral make up will improve her skin but you will need to try a few shades. Remember it's swirl in the product and then tap the excess off a lot then buff on to skin.

whojimmyflip Tue 20-Sep-11 17:48:04

Laurie I dont think tinted moisturiser is enough coverage, however good it is. Also teenage skin doesn't really need extra moisturiser.

Sanesometimes1 Tue 20-Sep-11 18:06:59

my dd officially loves whojimmyflip off to have a look now at lili lolo ! thanks again ! - will be back with results.

chocolatespiders Tue 20-Sep-11 19:21:31

My dd same age uses bare minerals, they have it in Debenhams so you could try some colours in there. I use Liz earle hot cloth cleanser on her at night> she would just use the wipes but I prefer to give her a good clean. We also got a garnier moisturizer for pimple skin- not sure of name but can check if you want to know.

whojimmyflip Tue 20-Sep-11 19:34:46

Chocolate, and sane, lily lolo is better and cheaper than bare minerals. Bare minerals contains something called bismuth which is a common irritant. However it can be useful to go to the counters so they show you how to use it. It seems like a powder but actually works with the skins natural oils to create a good base.

Sane, glad to be of help. Definitely let me know how your dd gets on.

MrsSchadenfreude Tue 20-Sep-11 19:37:00

Can you ask your doc to prescribe Dalacin T lotion for her "bumpy" spots? This cleared up mine really well. It's an antibiotic lotion.

chocolatespiders Tue 20-Sep-11 19:38:15

thanks for that... i will check that one out.

Katy13010 Tue 20-Sep-11 20:40:42


I am not a teenager - but STILL have teenage skin! Grrr... So, I use Clinique Blemish Solutions make-up (it basically contains a little spot-fighting ingredient, (salicylic (sp?) acid) It gives a nice natural coverage, a little goes a long way, and it doesn't cause any further skin problems, in my experience at least! Clinique also make a concealer in the same range - and you just need the TINIEST bit to cover spots, it's very good.

Sanesometimes1 Tue 20-Sep-11 20:56:53

It's never actually occurred to me to go to the doctors !!! thought it was just hormonal teen skin, maybe not though !! feeling terrible now, so are bumps actually acne ? I aleays thought acne to be red/very inflamed eruptions leaving scars etc ?

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