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I NEED beautiful tights.

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DuchessOfAvon Tue 20-Sep-11 12:09:03

This winter I must have beautiful tights. I am fed up of skinny-jeans-and-knee-high-boots - well, bored enough to need other options.

So I have bought some be-ootiful caramel-coloured brogues and found some luvverly charity shop vintage skirts and now I need tights.

In my mind I am picturing textured, cable-knit, cream loveliness but not so thick that they bag at the ankles.

Anyone seen anything vaguely like that in their travels? I only get an afternoon in the shops once in a blue moon so I need to be able to rush in, buy and rush out.

Stokey38 Tue 20-Sep-11 12:19:54

Try Falke, they always have lovely tights. They are quite pricey but last for years so get lots of wear out of them.

RedRubyBlue Tue 20-Sep-11 12:23:08

Aristoc are pretty good and have some lovely designs.

TapselteerieO Tue 20-Sep-11 12:29:31

H&M, they had them in their latest catalogue, worth a look, lots of different styles.

DuchessOfAvon Tue 20-Sep-11 13:31:08

Now, you see, I never would have thought of H&M - I love S&B!

Falke & Aristoc - would they be a department store type thing or will I have to order?

<feels a sneak into town may be called for this weekend>

DuchessOfAvon Tue 20-Sep-11 13:38:19

Heavens - have you seen these?!

Stokey38 Tue 20-Sep-11 16:46:36

Falke you can get from most big department stores and loads of places online. Check Outnet as quite often have bargains on there.

PicknMix Tue 20-Sep-11 17:20:11

I bought some in New Look just after Christmas (friend suggested them for tights when I stated I just had to have grey cable knit tights). They're not strictly cable knit but the best I could find and they've actually lasted quite well. No bagging (even though I am skinny legged). In fact, they make my legs look a little chunky (I wear with denim skirt, chunky socks and slouchy leather boots).

Is a mobile web address so apologies if it doesn't work.

One thing; I found them a bit itchy around my tummy but not bad enough to stop wearing iyswim.

tethersend Tue 20-Sep-11 20:45:18

You need tabio

cornsillx Tue 20-Sep-11 20:50:47

tethers was it the 110 denier that you recommended? tabio are 3 for 2 so I'm stocking up grin

cornsillx Tue 20-Sep-11 21:12:01

...and I don't know whether to get medium or large confused

tethersend Tue 20-Sep-11 21:38:25

ooh, 3 for 2?

Marvelous smile

yy, the 110 denier are my fave; they are on the large side.

moondog Tue 20-Sep-11 22:19:09



Such indulgence is sure sign of impending world implosion

tethersend Tue 20-Sep-11 22:35:39

I will take you out for a drink in east London one day, moondog. You will have a fit grin

moondog Tue 20-Sep-11 22:44:42

I did hang about down there in my yoof.
Now I am a woman who thinks a waterfall cardigan is outre.

tethersend Tue 20-Sep-11 23:30:11

yy am now the person I used to look at and think "What's she doing here? She's so old" grin

KristinaM Tue 20-Sep-11 23:55:56

tethers - how accurate are the colour swatches for the tabio 110 den tights? i don't have good experinces of buying coloured tights online.......

spiderslegs Wed 21-Sep-11 00:24:06

Now - Falke have always been my friend - but recently less so - the batch I bought last year haven't survived to this - seem to have got their sizing wrong & changed the elasticity on the waist - am going Woolford merino blend this year - pricey but any Woolford I've had have always lasted me years so am going back.

& yes Moondog - WTFF???

DuchessOfAvon Wed 21-Sep-11 13:17:46

<swoons at Tabio site>

Tethers - you are verily the font of all apparal knowledge - I shall spend A Lot of Money once the kids are in bed tonight.

Did no-one bat an eyelid at the integrated scok/tight combo then? Just me thinking it was wierd.

But then, Moondog did trump me with the freaky things.

cornsillx Wed 21-Sep-11 13:41:52

I have ordered 3 pairs of tabio tights for work. I'm feeling very self- indulgent.

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