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naff naff clothing

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scootergal Mon 19-Sep-11 20:49:17

I m sorry .... another coat tread!

anyone know where i can buy naff naff clothing online? I ve tried google and cant seem to find anything .... saw a caot in our local shop but they dont havemy size anymore, wanted to see if i could get it online.... the lable is naff naff,
Thankyou to anyone who can help!

tethersend Mon 19-Sep-11 21:34:00

French site

scootergal Mon 19-Sep-11 22:27:56

thanks! I had found that site but they dont have the coat - it s in the autum winter look book - it s a camel double collared one .... cant find it :-( going to see if they can order it in for me. Thank you for the help.

Shhhh Mon 19-Sep-11 22:55:57

if naff naff still about hmm..? Geeze I recall it from when I was a kid..

stripeybump Mon 19-Sep-11 22:57:53

Was it just a weird micro trend where I grew up to have those bin-liner -esque jackets with 'naff' across the back in multicoloured embroidery? They epitomised cool in 1993ish.

Shhhh Mon 19-Sep-11 23:00:44

nope, same round here as well...hmm
I recall their logo was a pig..????

Shhhh Mon 19-Sep-11 23:02:55

like this here stripeybump smile

UrsulaWoleffay Mon 19-Sep-11 23:04:23

we called them coats belly buttons cos everybody had one

stripeybump Mon 19-Sep-11 23:08:18

grin I was never allowed one. I must thank my mother. She didn't let me get a shellsuit either but I can't forgive her that.

Shhhh Mon 19-Sep-11 23:10:21

Your mum must have been in conversations with mine SB grin.
I managed to escape the shellsuit (sadly my sister didn't... along with the matching perm grin) but I was allowed a naff naff jumper.. I honestly thought I was the dogs bits and the jumper was for best ... I was such a lucky child wink

UrsulaWoleffay Mon 19-Sep-11 23:11:35

I wasn't allowed either actually but she did dress us in matching shell suits (me & my BROTHER btw) and I had a global hypercolor tshirt.

Shhhh Mon 19-Sep-11 23:15:12

oh fantastic !!!!!!!!!! I sooooooooooooo wanted one of those tshirts but mum was not for changing her mind. Dont think she was keen on folk placing their hand my various parts of my body to see the colour change effect shock wink.!!

btw.scootergal... sorry to hijack blush Hope you manage to find the coat smile

UrsulaWoleffay Mon 19-Sep-11 23:15:54

You could just see sweaty pit stains more clearly!

iarebaboon Mon 19-Sep-11 23:27:14

Then came the fake version of the Naff naff bin liner coat, purchased from stores at the fair or market, they said 'naff co 54' instead of naff naff and as the popular playground rhyme went; 'naff co 54, can't afford any more' ahh happy days (we couldn't even afford the fake ones)

scootergal Tue 20-Sep-11 22:39:12

Hilarious! I remember those bin liner coats.
Yes thats exactly what I m looking for pmsl!
Seriously though I realised it s naf Naf, a French label , maybe not the same (I hope) grin have ordered it through the local store and If I end up with a Bin Liner I ll post a pic

mippy Wed 21-Sep-11 11:05:30

We could only get the Naff Co 54 in the town where I lived, so these were the fashionable ones.

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