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Bra sizing

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Chants73 Sun 18-Sep-11 20:45:08

I know this has been done to death, but earlier in the year there was a great thread about bra sizing and no longer adding on the 5 inches or whatever. I used the advice then and finally got the right sized bras (after 25 years of the wrong size!) but have since lost weight and boobs have shrunk so need to get new bras. I've searched for the thread and cannot find it. Please can someone repeat the advice or point me in the direction of the thread?

daenerysstormborn Sun 18-Sep-11 20:48:13

am pretty sure it's measure round your chest, under the bust, and round up (or down) to the nearest full inch. then measure fullest part of bust (with a bra on), and if the difference is 1"=a cup, 2"=b cup, 3"=c cup, 4"=d cup, 5"=dd cup etc.

daenerysstormborn Sun 18-Sep-11 20:50:26

i know i measure 31 and 3/4" so round up to 32, then 37 round the bust, 5" difference, so that's a 32dd.

rc8911 Sun 18-Sep-11 20:55:27

I think this is the thread you're looking for

Chants73 Mon 19-Sep-11 18:13:03

Thanks rc8911-that's the one!

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