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Bicester village - going on Monday, any top tips to help me assemble my capsule wardrobe please?

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franjipani Sat 17-Sep-11 19:55:05

That's it really. I'm mid thirties, work part-time, about a size 10 and just over five foot.

I've always wanted to look well put together but never manage to pull that look off. I've been coveting the idea of putting together a few tops and trousers and skirts and accessories that just work and don't date.

I will be in Bicester on Monday so I thought I would have a look around. I have been there before but have never really been inspired.

Any ideas? I was thinking of looking for a scarf or costume jewellery and seeing what matched. God, I'm useless.

Have you had any luck there?

( realise there are other shopping options but I don't really enjoy shopping and this will be an expedition without a toddler in tow).

Any ideas welcome!

mummy2munchkin Sat 17-Sep-11 19:58:01


Difficult..could be amazing but could be not much there, go expecting for not much and you will hopefully be surprised!!

I love ralph lauren store there but try and stay away from the kids store, the clothes are so cute it's lethal! Alexander Mcqueen scarfs have a great discount there, reiss is good for capsule and not as crazy money as some of the other places.

LaurieFairyCake Sat 17-Sep-11 20:09:24

Can you go through your wardrobe tomorrow and see where the gaps are?

Just so you have a general idea. I think you have to keep a really open mind when you go to Bicester, I'd never go there expecting to find lots of things that match but I have filled gaps in my wardrobe.

When I went last time I bought a pair of Ugg slippers, I'm wearing them now as I have done every day for the last 10 months. Plus a lovely links of london bracelet which I've worn a lot.

franjipani Sat 17-Sep-11 20:22:00

Thanks, really useful advice from both of you.

Laurie, I guess it's like checking the fridge before you go to Tescos but I'm useless at that too!

I just want to look effortlessly stylish but you have to have that gift. I'm more primark than prada. <bitchily thinks prada can sometimes look cheaper>...

LRDTheFeministDragon Sat 17-Sep-11 20:40:44

I actually find Bicester village great for men but much less useful for women - IMO the 'capsule' stuff tends to be gone and the odd or seasonal stuff is still there! Sorry to be rubbish and discouraging but I've been a few times and ended up buying stuff I regretted later, and wish I'd had warning.

A really good winter coat would probably be the best bet IMO - or shoes, there's usually some good classic styles in LK Bennett for cheap and there's a Jimmy Choo there if you like that sort of thing, too. I've bought great clothes there but never anything classic.

MrsBloomingTroll Sun 18-Sep-11 00:48:42

Monday won't be the best day to go, as stock will be depleted after the weekend...sorry.

I've not had much luck there when I've gone with a shopping list. It's the kind of place you need to browse around and you might get lucky.

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