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Purple dress - what to wear with it?

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onadarkcloud Sat 17-Sep-11 00:51:11

I bought this today from Oasis to go to a christening next week but I have no idea what to wear with it.
Is there an alternative to black heels, thinking purple shoes would over do it?

chinateacup Sat 17-Sep-11 01:13:48

Depends on your skin tone- bronze, nude or animal print, or funk it up with bright pink or olive green and 1 other matching accessory?

LiveYourBestLife Sat 17-Sep-11 08:35:32

Take a look at timeless style and colour for this season and beyond. High street will have less pricey alternatives and matching accessories should be easy to find.

moonshine Sat 17-Sep-11 09:26:32

I wear a lot of purple and like wearing metallics with it (gold or silver both go nicely). Green/teal makes the whole outfit more 'funky' but that's probably not what you're aiming for? Someone linked to these suede grey shoes which I thought were very nice and there's a 20% discount code knocking around.

onadarkcloud Sat 17-Sep-11 23:16:43

Ooooh those ones on netaporter look lovely, I like the affordable Clarks ones but I have non existent ankles and from past experience T-bar shoes just don't fit. I am going on a shoe hunt tomorrow so it has given me an idea of what to look for. Thanks!

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