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Why have Boden stopped doing Dressing Gowns????

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LaurieFairyCake Thu 15-Sep-11 12:18:14

They are missing a trick. I'm about to sell the fabulous one I got last year on ebay as it's way too big for me and I didn't wear it instead relying on the lovely one from the year before.

But of course I wanted to eye up the next one and they aren't doing any!

Northernlurker Thu 15-Sep-11 12:20:35

How many people under 60 wear dressing gowns though? I don't, neither does my sister or sil. Mil and my mu do though....

Poodlehorse Thu 15-Sep-11 12:37:58

Living where i do a dressing gown of sorts is a must, but i prefer a cardigown in case anyone comes to the door, i notice Hush don't seem to have a cardigown this season but have a dressing gown albeit shortish.

LaurieFairyCake Thu 15-Sep-11 12:46:56

It is a cardigown type and I wear it every day.

Last years was grey,knitted and calf length and very thick. The one from the year before was stripy knitted and knee length.

AlpinePony Thu 15-Sep-11 13:29:06

I think hikes in energy bills will have people wearing them again soon enough.

ComradeJing Thu 15-Sep-11 15:17:07

I wear one and I'm in my mid 20s. It's partly because of the way houses are designed here so the neighbours can see straight in and I tend to dash about nekkid otherwise and partly to do with warmth when it gets bloody cold.

What else do you wear when it's cold but you haven't dressed yet?

ireallyagreewithyou Thu 15-Sep-11 15:18:56


i got one in the sale a few eyars aho - stripey soft woolly

ireallyagreewithyou Thu 15-Sep-11 15:20:05

i bloody love dressing gowns but the boden one is just lovely

ColdSancerre Thu 15-Sep-11 15:26:30

I'm under 60 and I wear one. It's a waffley one from the white co.

I wear cardigans over my pjs though, love lounging around in the evening in M&S secret support pjs and cardi. Is a cardigown that type of thing?

OMG, Northernlurker, seriously? I'm 28 and everyone I know wears a dressing gown - my friends, my younger sister, everyone.

They keep you warm (esp when needing repeated pees throughout the night), keep you decent for the neighbours after a bath, or even when you don't want guests seeing you in a nightie first thing in the morning. I don't know anyone who doesn;t have a dressing gown.

Just for the record I adore my White Company one. It's so enormous it still does up now I'm 23 weeks pregnant, heavy towelling cotton and goes all the way to the floor. I love it and is essential when you're a cheapskate frugal like me and want to go as long as possible without central heating.

dexter73 Thu 15-Sep-11 16:17:23

I'm 38 and I wear a dressing gown. I wear a nightie with thin straps so when I get up in the morning to make a cup of tea/let the dog out, I put it on to keep me warm. I also have a towelling dressing gown for when I get out of the bath/shower. We all wear them in our house and so does everyone else I know!

Northernlurker Thu 15-Sep-11 18:45:17

Well you're all wronng and Johnnie and I are right grin

I wear a cardigan when it's cold. However I quite like the sound of a cardigown.....

BikeRunSki Thu 15-Sep-11 18:48:33

I wear one, it is red and white stripey velour and has a hood.
Very handy for when DS (3) hauls me out of bed at some ungodly hour. I'm 40, but have always has one.

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