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Molton Brown?

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Geordieminx Wed 14-Sep-11 22:41:23

what's nice?

Have vouchers burning a hole in my pocket grin

ThisIsYourSong Thu 15-Sep-11 04:09:24

Gingerlily is the best. Love it!

gregssausageroll Thu 15-Sep-11 07:37:28

I hate gingerlily! I prefer their handwashes and their black pepper shower.

rubyrubyruby Thu 15-Sep-11 09:36:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Poodlehorse Thu 15-Sep-11 09:50:41

DH got me Coco de Mer which didn't smell like much in the bottle but is lovely in the shower and really moisturising.

GertieWooster Thu 15-Sep-11 10:17:49

Blissful Templetree is gorgeous

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