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LK Bennett stretchy suede knee high boots

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ferfer Wed 14-Sep-11 04:35:33

I am thinking about buying some LK Bennett stretchy suede knee high boots but I will have to buy them online and am worried about the calf size. I'd say my calves were pretty average but I do find some knee high boots won't fit. Anyone know how generous the stretch is? Thanks.

Thumbwitch Wed 14-Sep-11 05:12:11

But do you fit into wellies? This is the real question. If wellies are too tight, you might have troubles. wink

I can't answer for the LK BEnnett ones but I have some cheaper ones, Italian style name but can't remember it, and they have about 2" stretch on them. My calves are 15" round at their widest point and I can get into my boots no problem. John Lewis sell the LK Bennett ones - can you not get to a JL and see if they fit?

ferfer Wed 14-Sep-11 05:38:27

I do fit into wellies!!
I live in Australia so can't try on.
My sister is going to pop into LK Bennett and do a stretch test for me.
Thanks for the advice - will be off to measure my calves.

Thumbwitch Wed 14-Sep-11 05:41:20

well you should be ok then smile

Where are you in Australia? Haven't seen you on the living overseas board, have I? Or am I just unobservant? (I am in NSW, north of Sydney)

ferfer Wed 14-Sep-11 08:14:27

I'm in Adelaide, South Australia. Over ten years now but I still hanker after the UK. Am v excited that John Lewis is now shipping to Australia!

whoneedssleepanyway Wed 14-Sep-11 12:48:17

I have had several pairs of these in the past, they aren't super super stretchy I have to say but that was why I liked them as they kept their shape and didn't sag like other stretchy boots have a tendancy too and end up with Nora Batty ankles.

I personally think the LKB ones are now very over-priced though, a couple of seasons ago you could get them for around £150 and now they are well over £200. They are nice boots though.

FreeButtonBee Wed 14-Sep-11 19:44:18

I have last year's and have sturdy calves. They fit fine. Do get them re-heeled asap as the heels really don't last.

ferfer Wed 14-Sep-11 23:07:19

Thanks so much for the advice. I agree they are overpriced but they are just what I want. Am going to take a risk. Am currently on a diet so if they are a bit tight will help to keep me going!

overthemill Wed 14-Sep-11 23:42:57

i have 2 pairs , black and brown using for work. i think they are not super stretchy. but v comfy!

ferfer Wed 28-Sep-11 08:20:30

My lk bennett boots arrived today in Australia. Good old John Lewis! They fit easily and are fab. Was surprised how easy to take on and off. thanks for the advice.

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