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Grrrr Boden clearance down....

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Nippysnippy Tue 13-Sep-11 20:30:08

i really wanted the v- neck cashmere cropped cardigans too....tis so annoying. What's a girl to do (smarts) angry

Nippysnippy Tue 13-Sep-11 20:45:30

Esp since I got my £15's up on the USA site still.....
< walks off grumbling and tossing hair>

Cupawoman Tue 13-Sep-11 20:47:16

Nippy - I noticed this too. Not sure if it is down permanently or if it's a blip...

thisisyesterday Tue 13-Sep-11 20:49:53

on the main site? is there a sale? what's boden clearance? <panics>

MillyR Tue 13-Sep-11 20:50:33

I heard that is said on the Boden FB site that they are putting it back up, but I haven't been to FB to check.

Nippysnippy Tue 13-Sep-11 21:00:04

Thanks millyr going over now to explore.....

rookiemater Tue 13-Sep-11 21:43:07

Oh I didn't think of looking at the clearance section silly me, instead I ordered this in the petrol spot as I just got it in black and its fab, good for work and for going out.
BTW I used 15% off as well, rather than the £20 off for £100 because I didn't want to have to order that much stuff in case I didn't like it all. Code for 15% is AMZN

Nippysnippy Tue 13-Sep-11 21:43:53

Can't find FB link. Clearance is still not up. Sulk emoticom needed.

Nippysnippy Tue 13-Sep-11 21:47:30

Thanks rookie might have to test out their latest round neck the dress btw.

rookiemater Tue 13-Sep-11 22:05:31

It's a fab dress I'm in love with it ( which is great after so many Boden returns) and was deeply upset when I managed to spill yoghurt sauce from my chicken tikka on it after only it's first outing
Still no clearance...

polyhymnia Tue 13-Sep-11 23:37:34

Sadly, when I phoned Boden yesterday to ask where the clerance section had gone young man on phone told me it was now over! Annoying. I told him they could at least have given some warning in one of the many emails they send.

rookie have been looking at that dress. How does it come up size-wise and how short is it?

Mumsnut Wed 14-Sep-11 09:20:41

Maybe if you use the USA site to get the product code number, then call Boden in the UK and ask if they have that item in stock, you will be able to buy over the phone and use the voucher? I have often made a phone purchase when I have been away from my computer, and they have accepted discount codes.

rookiemater Wed 14-Sep-11 17:31:15

Hi polyhymnia, the dress is just about right size wise, with Boden I'm a 14 bottom if trousers, sometimes 12 for skirts and a 12 for tops. I got the 14 and it fits perfectly. Its about an inch above the knee on me, I'm 5ft6, perfectly respectable to wear to work and pockets are handy for storing my pass card photo.

polyhymnia Wed 14-Sep-11 17:33:13

Thanks, have ordered it in grey, using the £15 reduction Johnnie 'kindly' gave me.

rookiemater Wed 14-Sep-11 18:00:23

great I hope you like it.

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