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OK so how great REALLY is the Babyliss Big Hair? And do I get one?

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SayCoolNowSayWhip Tue 13-Sep-11 19:33:38

Do I really NEED a Babyliss Big Hair? I've heard a lot of people say it's the dog's bollocks but is it? Really? And is it better for short hair or long hair? And why?

Please be gentle, I'm a Style&Beauty virgin....

SayCoolNowSayWhip Wed 14-Sep-11 10:29:47

Hmmm.... confused

What to do?! My hair's quite fine and in a bob. I basically want something that's going to give it some style and body without turning into a mushroom head...

AitchTwoOh Wed 14-Sep-11 10:40:59

get one. my hair is fine at the front and gets thicker towards the back (grrr, other way round pliz, hair gods). it's in a bob-ish, at the mo and the big hair is the only thing that makes the front of my head match the back, iykwim?

let's just say that i broke mine last week (stood on it) and i bought another off amazon that very day...

heebeejeebees Thu 15-Sep-11 10:55:35

I've had mine for about six months now. Was growing a bob out and it is now shoulder length and it has been perfect all the way through. My hair is extremely thick and frizzy and it gives a really professional looking blow-dry. To get some body first rough dry your hair with the dryer upside down and then when nearly dry use BBH.

AngryFeet Thu 15-Sep-11 10:57:36

I don't like mine. It works great when I use it on someone else but when I do my own hair it is fine on the section I am working on but it keeps catching other bits of hair which then get twisted at the front of the brush and end up in a big tangle. I have shoulder length, thick hair.

rubyrubyruby Thu 15-Sep-11 10:58:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

idlevice Thu 15-Sep-11 11:07:00

What styling products would be good to use with it? esp for fine frizzy hair.

rubyrubyruby Thu 15-Sep-11 11:09:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rubyrubyruby Thu 15-Sep-11 11:12:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShowMeTheMonet Thu 15-Sep-11 11:24:04

YY moroccan oil on wet hair then I leave it to part-dry whilst I put my face on, a quick blast with the hairdryer than BBH - voilá!

AitchTwoOh Thu 15-Sep-11 12:41:29

i use NOTHING. i have fine hair, and it has been a revelation to me recently to stop using thickening (ie flattening) crap and just use the big hair. muuuuuch better.

hotCheeseBURNS Fri 16-Sep-11 14:05:57

I think the name is misleading. My hair is fine and I normally blow dry it upside down with volumising spray to get some body.
The Big Hair makes my hair lovely and shiny and gives a sort of professional blow dry finish but it does not make it BIG at all sad
I've gone back to the normal dryer.

scottishmummy Fri 16-Sep-11 14:11:00

overrated - dont buy all hype
no big deal whatsoever

VelvetSnow Fri 16-Sep-11 14:18:57


I have just bought one and now I'm sporting a lovely shoulder length straight do with fringe! I love my new hairstyle, all thanks to BBH and a little help from ghd smile

It must be good if it tames my curls.

daenerysstormborn Fri 16-Sep-11 14:35:39

my ,um has one and i used it when we visited, i really liked it, easy to use, made hair look nice (hair is in a bob)

daenerysstormborn Fri 16-Sep-11 14:36:08

sorry 'my mum', not my 'um blush

CointreauVersial Fri 16-Sep-11 17:26:36

I love mine, and use it all the time. It gives your hair body, but with that lovely shiny blow-dry look. My hair is shoulder-length, layered and fairly fine.

Top tip is to do small sections at a time, and to use the cooler heat setting - on the hottest setting the damned thing spins so fast I get tangled up.

Maisiethemorningsidecat Fri 16-Sep-11 17:32:01

It is the best thing bar none that I've (well DH) have ever bought. I have thick, wavy, coarse hair and it makes it shiny, smooth and manageable.

The trick is to blast your hair with a hairdryer until about 80% dry, then section it off and do a bit at a time. I've also discovered the trick of putting a teeny bit of moisturiser on my hair before blasting it, which works just as well as serum.

I heart BBH

Allieverwanted Thu 27-Dec-12 10:23:17

I am a big fan of the big hair. No frizz, no split ends and no need for hair straighteners. My hair has been able to grow much longer than since I was a child. And the gap between hairdressers visits is much longer.

I use a tiny bit of Kerastase Elixir on the ends. I always blow dry to about 80% first but no need to style at this pint, just getting rid of the moisture. Then if I have the time I separate and dry small sections, but if I am in a hurry I just take handfuls and let the brush smooth it down. I constantly get compliments about my hair now.

I can't see how it would work on short hair but a bob, or medium or long hair is great. A friend with frizzy hair uses one, another has very curly hair and it looks really smooth Witt he big hair. I also use it on day two when I can't be bothered to wash my hair and it just needs a quick make over. Just pick up the frizzy bits and restyle - it doesn't even need to be damp.

ginmakesitallok Thu 27-Dec-12 10:28:17

This thread is over a year old?

LucyApr1985 Tue 28-Jan-14 15:24:28

They have a new model out now. I'm not sure what the difference is though. I did find a review that mentioned it and included a video and comparison chart between the 2 sizes.

Actually it was quite a helpful read smile. I think the review is here

MelanieST Thu 13-Feb-14 20:57:37

I personally prefer the karmin g3 salon pro blow dryer so much more, it's fast and removes all the frizz!

Amethyst24 Thu 13-Feb-14 21:07:12

I have fine hair, but quite a lot of it, in a jaw-length bob, and I love my BBH. So much easier than a dryer and round brush.

LucyApr1985 Thu 06-Nov-14 14:56:23

I found a recently written review on the new version of this product that I found helpful. It also includes a helpful how to use it guide and a video showing someone using the big brush. Overall they gave it 93% and said it was worth getting.

You can see for yourself here: New Babyliss Big Brush Guide

MrsLannister Thu 06-Nov-14 20:46:04

Wow this is an old thread!

But seeing as someone has revived it I thought I wold add my two cents.

I wish I had bought the smaller barrel big hair, the 42mm. If anyone has one that they fancy trading for a perfect 50mm one? grin

I hardly ever use mine, it was ok when my hair was shoulder length, but not so easy now it's longer. It makes my hair go all floppy and lose all its natural body and curls, it looks far better just blasting upside down with a dryer and leaving to dry naturally.

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