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should I get my colours done? - am in US, & scaredycat...

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blackcurrants Tue 13-Sep-11 14:39:13

Should I? It's going to cost me a fair whack (about $250 it seems, in the NYC/NJ area) and so I have to feel like it's an investment in my nearly-professionalising wardrobe

Also I am scared that they will tell me to ditch my boring uniform wardrobe of navy, grey and plum ... and also argh, should I? I fear being told to wear sludgy colours (which I hate) ... but what if my colours are all wrong?

If anyone knows WHERE I should go in the area, I'd be really grateful (longshot!).

Has anyone had them done and found it really helped them put together outfits, rather than just being 'huh, interesting' ?

blackcurrants Tue 13-Sep-11 16:29:57

I should add: I'm almost certainly an autumn. If that makes any difference...

DonaAna Tue 13-Sep-11 16:53:56

I had my colors done recently. I'm a light summer. The bad news is, my palette has probably 13 different shades of blue, and I don't even like blue. But it turns out that a slatey, storm-cloud blue looks great on me - wonderful next to my face even if I wear bright colors. There are next to no sludgy colors on my palette - instead, I can wear my favorite colors, bright reds and emeralds and even cornflower blue.

Getting my palette really helped me with the "outfits" thing. It made me understand 1) my best neutrals (which are the building blocks of all outfits anyway) - my big breakthrough was understanding that "Armani colors" - camel, greige and taupe work best on me and 2) how by picking a scarf in my best colors I can make other colors which I love (black, for example) look better. Somehow, too, it helped me to build outfits.

After my analysis, I bought a lot of clothes from summer sales, and it was amazing - with my palette, I could pick from the full racks colors that suited me and could focus on cut, style, and design instead - shopping was very quick and pain-free. I found half a dozed good scarves, several great dresses and lots of basics, all very flattering. When I showed them to my mother (who is usually very critical about my clothes), she said that I looked 20 years younger and that everything, strangely, looked really good on me (I didn't tell her about the color analysis).

I don't know how much you spend on your clothes. I can spend $200 on one or two dresses - I really felt I got a good return to my investment. Also, I test-ran my new palette by ordering 5 items from Outnet in my new colors. Usually, Outnet is very difficult for me, but 3 of the items were perfect on me. I would never have found them without my palette - I would have ordered something boring black instead.

Take a look at YouTube color analysis videos. There is an American color consultant there (from Macy's or one of the other big department store chains - she is possibly also a personal shopper) who seems to know her stuff and also use a lot of common sense. Check out whether you like her style. I'd definitely want to be seen by her. My feeling is, you will be able to use the info and then hit Marshall's/ Loehmann's/ TJ Maxx/ Cent 21 racks and look like a million dollars.

mirpuppet Tue 13-Sep-11 16:55:25

If you think you are an autumn why not start wearing autumn colors closer to your face and see how that goes? On weekends it can be tee shirts/ jumpers. For work perhaps some scarves?

I think wearing the right colors is good but dressing for ones shape is even better.

blackcurrants Tue 13-Sep-11 17:04:06

Ooh, thanks both very much. I will check out the youtube stuff. I rather think I do want to see someone in person, just to see how the colours change my skin, etc...

You're certainly right about the shape/fit aspect, mir - my wardrobe is transitioning from stay-at-home (jeans, tops) to work-but-not-suits, which is why this is on my mind.

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