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Help! Post-pregnancy frump fest and wobbly bits! What to wear?

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badgeroo Tue 13-Sep-11 12:19:26

Now here's a challenge ladies! (not least for me - baby-brain caused major login problems as i can't remember who I am any more!). I'm nearly 2-months post partum with a lovely baby boy. Have spent the last few weeks in comfy clothes, some of them still maternity trousers. Weight loss is slowly getting there, breast-feeding is helping, and said baby boy is guzzling his way through some of the surplus poundage. But there is a big family event coming up, a daytime birthday celebration, and I want to look half decent, or at least half decent while covered in baby sick. But nothing much from my wardrobe fits. I have, so far, contemplated impressive hair and lots of accessories, probably worn over a binliner or duvet cover. Perhaps not the best look though. I would like to feel a bit more confident and, well, less frumpy. What can I wear?!!

Normally, I'm a 12, but currently (blush), probably a 16. Problem areas are the predictable bum and belly area, a dose of thunder-thighs. I like my ankles! Usual style is long skirt and maybe a tunic top, slightly hippy tendencies but also some tailored items in the wardrobe. None fit though! Would be willing to try trousers, although again my 'old' ones are a little tight, and very unflattering.

Budget? Not massive, not least because I hope to get back to my usual wardrobe eventually. But prepared to invest in a nice feelgood outfit that will see me through the next few weeks or months.

Do any of you have any items in your wardrobe that you could recommend to help me out? Or have you seen the answer to the problem on a shelf in store? Any help much appreciated!

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