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help!! Any ideas for wedding guest outfit that i can breastfeed in?

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noviceoftheday Mon 12-Sep-11 20:11:37

Hi, I am hoping someone can help me as I am a bit silly and have left this all a bit late! I am breastfeeding my 3 month old and going to be at my sister's wedding on saturday. I thought I had an outfit that worked but I have changed my mind and am panicking now!

I am 5'2" and currently size 10 on top and 8/10 on bottom. While I am petite my legs are normal length but torso is short. In terms of my style, pre-baby wedding guest outfit would normally be a dress from Coast or similar as I suit the nipped in waist look as its not too heavy on top which makes me look frumpy. I would normally team this with 3 or 4 inch high heels, shrug and clutch ie your typical wedding look.

Obviously none of that works with being able to comfortably breastfeed so I was thinking of a top and skirt? But I am really struggling with finding something formal enough that looks like I have made an effort but that I can comfortably breastfeed in. I haven't worn heels since beginning of the year so would probably stick to 2 or 3 inches for fear of staggering around like a drunk with my poor child at my mercy!

If any of that makes any sense and anyone has seen anything that would suit me then I would be very grateful for the help. Thanks!

nametapes Tue 13-Sep-11 16:44:38

Something that does up down the front and a handy large scarf to put over your shoulders and front while you breast feed baby.

sleepdodger Tue 13-Sep-11 18:02:40

I wore a great black nursing dress from asos mamalicious which was great as easy to wear again - similar to this , then accessorized with scarf for feeding, and colourful accs for ceremony etc
btw theyre sizes seemed small - I was proab a 12 at the time and the L fit well - gentle not statement cleavage lol
enjoy x

noviceoftheday Tue 13-Sep-11 21:22:18

sleepdodger that dress looks great, thank you so much! I think I will order an M and hope next day delivery means just that. Are you small as well? The details say its modelled by a 5' 8" woman so just want to check it doesnt just look good on tall people.

Nametapes - thanks, I shall scour shops and see if I can find something formal that buttons down in case the asos isn't as great as it looks. As I am so short, its easy to look frumpy.

If anyone else has any ideas then they will be very gratefully received! This is so stressful!

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