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Is there such a thing as a NICE feeding bra? I'm feeling very frumpy!

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MadreInglese Mon 12-Sep-11 10:20:12

I didn't put much weight on during pregnancy due to hyperemesis so my norks did not balloon and I just carried on wearing my normal bras (underwired and pretty but not overly frilly)

DS is 3 months now and we seem to have bfing pretty sorted but I'm getting sick of the floppy feeding bras. I'm just wearing some bog standard Debenhams' own ones and while they fit well and are supportive and obviously good for access there's no real structure to the cup and I'm really beginning to dislike the shape of my norks and how they look in most of my tops. Shallow I know but it's getting me down a bit.

Any suggestions (high street-ish if possible) or am I confined to frumpy norks until I stop bfing? Don't have a massive budget either. Would be greatful for any recommendations.

midnightexpress Mon 12-Sep-11 10:24:53

The Elle McPherson ones are pretty - I'll see if I can find a link. You can get them in House of Fraser, I think.

Ah, here - is that out of your budget?

peasandlove Mon 12-Sep-11 10:29:16

I like HotMilk lingerie, also available on

Redumbdancy Mon 12-Sep-11 11:20:38

I got 3 from HotMilk and 2 from La Senza, the HotMilk weren't great TBH (crap for feeding laying down because of the nipple pokey through hole) but I lived in the La Senza ones, comfy and pretty. They were black with lace, think they also do them in white.

cluelessnchaos Mon 12-Sep-11 11:23:58

Hotmilk are lovely but not necessarily more supportive, I was in the same boat as you and went and got fitted at bravissimo, not a massive range but my boobs are a lovely shape now

RamblingRosa Mon 12-Sep-11 11:28:36

You need Hotmilk.

If it helps, I've seen Hotmilk cheap on, as well as some pretty Panache and Freya ones.

I've also seen some lovely satin and lace Elle MacPherson nursing bras on sale in T K Maxx recently for £4.99!

MatLeaveForever Mon 12-Sep-11 11:29:11

I had a couple of these when I was nursing, loved them! The nude colour is in the sale too...


MadreInglese Mon 12-Sep-11 12:28:09

Thanks all smile will have a look at all of those suggested

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Mon 12-Sep-11 12:31:53

la senza do feeding bras now??

Paribus Mon 12-Sep-11 14:05:34

The nicest ones are Cake Lingerie- sorry can't link from iPad, but google them. Not cheap, but very nice and daresay, even sexy! HotMilk ones give me an extremely weird shape, but it might not be the case for you!

Bettymum Mon 12-Sep-11 14:08:36

I tried on a few from HotMilk, some gave me a very odd shape as others have said but I ended up with two super comfy super pretty bras that gave a very good look and I found them comfy and easy to use.

AppleHEAD Mon 12-Sep-11 15:16:11

The Elle McPherson ones are great and well made so they last I got mine with dd1 and they were still fine with dd3... worth the investment

nellyjane Mon 12-Sep-11 15:21:05

I've got the Lauren from Royce. Think it's very pretty, but also good quality, comfy and supportive.

neuroticmumof3 Mon 12-Sep-11 19:58:23

I remember when I was pregnant with my first, nearly 20 years ago, and I asked the assistant in our local bra shop if there were any pretty breastfeeding bras. She sternly told me that they weren't meant to be pretty and looked at me like I was some kind of sicko. So although I don't need them now I'm glad pretty ones are out there these days.

GwennieF Mon 12-Sep-11 20:00:11

Figleaves have an outlet section, where the prices are a bit lower than usual.

peasandlove Tue 13-Sep-11 00:50:55

grin @ neuroticmumof3

Bubbaluv Tue 13-Sep-11 00:55:28

Agent Provocateur do some great ones. I like mine so much I still wear it and I haven't bf for 2 years!

minibmw2010 Tue 13-Sep-11 07:38:13

A friend told me Matalan do nice pretty feeding bras smile

Paribus Tue 13-Sep-11 15:45:06

Agent Provocateur discontinued their nursing bra- some sizes can still be found in Bicester outlet

BarbaraWoodlouse Tue 13-Sep-11 16:19:01

You don't say what size you are. For the larger of nork I found this was available in an F cup (and well beyond actually) and gave a good shape.

Well, as good as it was going to get without underwire grin

blackcurrants Tue 13-Sep-11 16:26:32

I have this one in the candy/pink and the ivory/peach (more peachy than the nude look of the photo) and I like them both a lot. They're not too fussy but feel pretty, and give quite a nice shape too.

FWIW I found that my ribcage shrunk a LOT after giving birth and my band size dropped considerably - getting that sorted meant the floppyness of my bras, and the bad shape, went away.

smearedinfood Wed 14-Sep-11 12:55:47

I agree with Hotmilk

MadreInglese Thu 15-Sep-11 12:56:59

ooh I like that John Lewis one (the royce lauren one is v similar) and the bravissimo ones, happy to pay up to £30 per bra so glad to see there are some in that price range. I'm a 34FF/G. The elle mcphersons are a little bit too pricey for me I think.

these are what I currently have so will be nice to get something more structured.

Thanks all!

blackcurrants Thu 15-Sep-11 13:41:58

oh if you're a bravissimo size, you'll like the sophie. It gives the kind of shape and support you'd expect from that shop.

[hefts mighty norks]

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