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Hairdresser near Holborn/ Covent Garden

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lobsters Sun 11-Sep-11 20:47:44

Can anyone recommend a decent hairdresser who isn't going to bankrupt me around Holborn and Covent Garden, need half head of highlights and cut and blowdry.


Fumblina Sun 11-Sep-11 22:28:57

My only two experiences around this area were Toni &Guy - Covent Garden. Never again. Was terrible.

And the rather expensive Vidal Sassoon also in CG I think, who were the best money I ever spent on a hairdo - it just fell into place each morning for weeks on end, rather than needing the vast amount of blowdrying my hair seems to demand to look even vaguely tamed.

Not very helpful really in term of suggestions but definitley T&G were one to avoid.

juniorcommonroom Sun 11-Sep-11 22:44:31

I recently went to Windle and Moodie at the recommendation of a friend, was very trendy but good value (for central London anyway) at £45 ish for cut and blowdry with quite junior stylist (trained at Vidal Sassoon!) who took alot of trouble to find out what I wanted. It was quite peaceful for hair salon, though first thing on a saturday morning, with nice head massage when having hair washed.

I thought good value and will be returning. Of course, if you want bargain basement, try 'Hair by Fairy' in Neal's Yard - £13!

polyhymnia Sun 11-Sep-11 23:43:30

I recommend Charles Worthington in Great Queen Street. Have tried lots of salons round there (and elsewhere in central London) and they are definitely my current favourite for cut and colour - and I'm mega-fussy.

I know people speak well of Brooks and Brooks too, though haven't been there myself recently:

HellonHeels Mon 12-Sep-11 11:01:01

Concrete in Drury Lane has been good to me. Rudi cuts my hair there (I have followed him all over London for 15 years) but not exactly cheap. The less senior stylists are probably better value.

It's a nice salon and they'll make you a coffee (free!)

HellonHeels Mon 12-Sep-11 11:03:04

Ooooo! Just looked at the website, they will give new clients a 30% discount!

HellonHeels Mon 12-Sep-11 11:08:22

Hmmm I have also been to Ena in Great Queen Street where I had a fantastic haircut last year (Groupon deal) but I cannot recommend them at all and will never go back because they had the rudest, most unhelpful, arsey reception staff.

If you're willing to get past them, you would get a good cut.

RamblingRosa Mon 12-Sep-11 11:26:01

I highly recommend Brooks and Brooks too

I've been there about 5 times now and have never had a bad cut or bad experience. I think it's about £40-60 for a cut, depending on the stylist.

polyhymnia Mon 12-Sep-11 11:38:28

Have to say, I returned to Charles Worthington Great Queen Street this year after some years away and so far all the reception staff I've met or spoken to on phone have been charming, very helpful and non-arsey (ditto for their Percy St salon). I don't recognise Hells's experience, so perhaps they have improved the quality of their reception since last year.

They also have a loyalty type scheme, whereby regular customers get a reduction of, I think, 10% each time.

auldspinster Mon 12-Sep-11 12:16:33

I've heard good things about Hair by Fairy.

DoubleDegreeStudent Mon 12-Sep-11 20:20:31

Hebe on The Strand. I swear by them. I went to one on Endell Street, The covent Garden Salon, for a wash and blow dry and it was near enough £50. And nowhere near good enough for the price (not that I would ever pay £50 for just a blowdry, at least not knowingly).

hettie Mon 12-Sep-11 20:33:35

heels- is rudy a lovely but slightly mad italian by any chance?

HellonHeels Mon 12-Sep-11 21:05:30

hettie I think I recognise the lovely Italian, he's Luca, the owner! It's a fun salon.

Oh dear I was definitely not dissing Charles Worthington in Gt Queen Street. The rude staff are at Ena Salon, down the road from Charles Worthington. Great cut though.

polyhymnia Mon 12-Sep-11 23:06:53

Sorry, I assumed 'my' salon was the only one in Gt Queen St (though of course have seen others) and jumped to their defence!

HandMini Tue 13-Sep-11 11:59:30

I second Brooks and Brooks. I have been going there on and off for years - they always do good cuts and excellent colour.

lobsters Mon 19-Sep-11 21:31:17

Thanks for the recs, i ended up not being able to sneak out of work, so had to go to my local salon, which wasn't great. The colour was great, but she spent all of 30 seconds cutting, so looked more like a blow dry than a cut.
Looks like there's a few for me to try there next time, as I need to move on from local salon

hettie Mon 19-Sep-11 22:23:55

Oooo heels you may have made my year! He used to cut my hair at windle then daniel hereshon, then he went to set up a salon and I moved.....been trying to relocate him as I can now afford to have my hair cut again....will call the salon, thank you!

HellonHeels Mon 19-Sep-11 22:53:43

Aaaaah that makes me very happy! Enjoy your hair reunion smile

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