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Bra trouble-Wire sticking through. Any advice please?

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dqueue88 Sun 11-Sep-11 19:36:44

Hi all, im a newbie.
Please can anyone help with a bit of advice.
I am a 38E and i suffer very badly with the wire on my bras poking through and hurting me. I even try the quality M+S Bras but even those give me the same problems after a while and it is quite frustrating.
Any advice would be gratefully received.
Thank you.

MatLeaveForever Sun 11-Sep-11 20:32:28

Ouch! All I can suggest is getting properly fitted and buying bras from somewhere else, M&S bras have never fitted me well personally. Bravissimo is great if you have a store near you to get fitted.

mumtoted Sun 11-Sep-11 21:18:09

Do you mean the wire coming through the fabric? If so, try washing by hand. The ends of the wires have some sort of protective coating on the ends to stop them rubbing on the fabric they are stitched into. If washed on too hot a temperature, it dissolves and the metal will then cut through the fabric.

warmandwooly Sun 11-Sep-11 22:06:34

I am the same size and recommend Fantasie bras. I bought quite a few last year and they are holding up well. I handwash them due to the fact that I have had underwired bras and faced the same problems with the underwiring coming through due to putting them in the washing machine. Debenhams often have Fantasie on offer and John Lewis sometimes have them on sale etc. They also have nice designs.

Havingkittens Sun 11-Sep-11 22:12:29

If the wires are not actually coming through but poking you then you are wearing the wrong size. If they're poking you in the armpit area then the cup size is too big. If they are poking into the side of your tit then the cup size is too small.

warmandwooly Sun 11-Sep-11 22:22:10

Fantasie bras @Debenhams.

jenniec79 Sun 11-Sep-11 22:25:41

Nothing will save a bra with the wire coming free. Chuck it and go shopping.

Agree the eventual right answer is handwashing, but hmm!

Cool wash for bras in the machine and dry naturally extends lifespan enough imo!

marriednotdead Sun 11-Sep-11 22:31:53

If it's not the way you are washing them, wires coming out is almost always because the cups are too small. On my 'M&S average shit fitting variance' I'd suggest you try a 34G. Seriously.

bilblio Sun 11-Sep-11 22:45:10

If the wires are actually sticking through, then sew them up and hand wash in future. I put mine in the washer every few weeks, but handwash as much as possible, (I actually just rinse them in the shower with a bit of soap hang it up and it's dry by the morning.)

If they're not sticking through the material but digging into you, then it sounds like you're the wrong size. M&S bras are useless in my opinion. I've never had an assistant fit me properly there (even though I went for years.) When I discovered Bravissimo and realised how bras should fit, I looked felt, and looked like a new woman.

The fact you say you're a 38E makes me think that even more that you need a proper fitting. I like Freya bras and I know I'm 34F in them (at least I was until I got pregnant.) But I also like Panache bras and I'm a 34G in those. Your size can vary quite a lot depending on the brand.

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