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robinson crusoe island....but dont want to look like him

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deewillow Sun 11-Sep-11 16:53:36

please come talk to me about hair products....
I am lucky enough to be going away in a few weeks to a little maldives island for some serious R& TV, no shoes....and not taking the straightners!
My hair will be in sea water and sun everyday so what can I take with me to give my hair a holiday treat as well? Can you recommend a nice shampoo and conditioner and also a product that I can put into wet/damp hair and then leave to dry naturally. I have chin length, highlighted, slightly layered hair, medium thickness, left to its own devises it will go wavy.
Any recommendations would be lovely - save me looking like a scarecrow

deewillow Sun 11-Sep-11 19:34:35

bump please smile save me walking clueless round boots!

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