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Great Plains - when did it get so hideously expensive??

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goatinacoat Sun 11-Sep-11 16:46:22

Normally buy loads there, and often an item in a couple of colours, so it can't have been that pricey last year.

Looked online yesterday and there's acrylic cardigans for over £90, pretty ordinary skirts for nearly £60.., nothing much under £50 - what's going on? They need to up the quality to match the prices if they're going to charge that much.

Bloody irritating, as the list of places to shop in is getting shorter and shorter.

I don't like Great Plains - I think the fabrics are often cheap and v scratchy so I don't buy from there but even I noticed that the prices had gone up a lot when somebody on here linked to the site a while back. It astonishes me how much stores are charging for acrylic and polyester now; I would buy more if places had nicer fabrics.

I looked at Joules the other day too and thought the price of their dresses had shot up substantially too.

goatinacoat Sun 11-Sep-11 19:07:56

It's a shame, I used to love it. There's still a few bits I like, but even the bags are £200 ish. And if you have that much to spend on a bag, it's unlikely to be from Great Plains. I hope they survive.

goatinacoat Sun 11-Sep-11 19:08:44

And totally agree on fabrics. I don't buy anything with any large content of acrylic or polyester, and it's often quite difficult to find things without.

Cartoonjane Sun 11-Sep-11 19:11:25

I have had quality problenms with a bag from Great Plains too- I wouldn't buy another one at any price.

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