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Red Coat

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greedygoose Sat 10-Sep-11 21:48:07

love this

Anyone seen any others around?

Jezabelle Sat 10-Sep-11 21:54:48

No, but I love it.

greedygoose Sat 10-Sep-11 21:57:31

I'm glad Jeza - fed up of looking at my black clothes and the rain!

MatLeaveForever Sat 10-Sep-11 22:46:29

I've just bought this one but in Caramel. They seem to have a few red coats...

Coast coat

MatLeaveForever Sat 10-Sep-11 22:47:09

Ooops, duff link. It's the Mercy coat!

Zahora Sat 10-Sep-11 22:49:40

It's a fantastic coat. If I didn't have a red coat already I would get the Mercy coat.

moondog Sat 10-Sep-11 22:49:54

Piure hasve similar but more ££££, althoguh there's 25% off with a Telegraph offer atm.

tethersend Sat 10-Sep-11 23:37:13




Popbiscuit Sat 10-Sep-11 23:43:17

Lovely. Was just watching reruns of Kirstie's Homemade Home and she has this gorgeous (probably designer) scarlet coat. Now I'm obsessed with finding one. J.Crew is my go-to for beautifully tailored coats in gorgeous colours but not sure if they ship to the UK?

greedygoose Sun 11-Sep-11 08:32:59

tether I like the FC one very muchly but over budget! will keep an eye out but Oasis one a firm contender..

CitizenOscar Sun 11-Sep-11 08:34:26

There's a nice one in Zara. Hang on, I'll try to find a link...

CitizenOscar Sun 11-Sep-11 08:37:26

Red Zara coat

greedygoose Sun 11-Sep-11 08:42:21

oooh oscar I really like that - only worry is it pillarbox red or slighly orange (I'm not fussy at all!) I dont carry off orange very well!

CitizenOscar Sun 11-Sep-11 09:00:59

I tried it on and by my recollection it is pillarbox red. In fact, I've bought it but waiting for it to be delivered. I had to buy a large (I am not large by most definitions, size 10-12 and 5ft 4!) as the medium squished my boobs (bigger than usual due to breastfeeding). Just so you know!

CountScoutula Sun 11-Sep-11 12:47:04

Seasalt red coat

Megatron Sun 11-Sep-11 12:51:05

Oh FFS. This forum is going to bankrupt me. I WANT that coat!

moondog Sun 11-Sep-11 12:56:08

That Seasalt one???

Jesus, don't


Megatron Sun 11-Sep-11 13:00:18

No the Oasis one in the OP. I love it and now want it. I have to stop looking on here. smile

Pinkflipflop Sun 11-Sep-11 13:34:37

Buy the Oasis coat immediately - it is gorgeous!!

greedygoose Sun 11-Sep-11 14:24:51

Seasalt - bleaugh but I'm agreeing that after discussion still want Oasis one...did someone say there was a 20% off code floating around at the moment? grin

MatLeaveForever Sun 11-Sep-11 17:51:27

Yes 20% off on the Oasis website until midnight tonight! Go get it!

hellsbelles Sun 11-Sep-11 19:17:59

Popbiscuit - Jcrew has a UK version of the site now here - and there are some lovely red coats on it!

Popbiscuit Tue 13-Sep-11 17:21:12

Gaaaah! I love them HellsBelles. I've been trying to be good and I don't need another winter coat. At all. But your link has weakened my resolve.... <sits on wallet>

fraggle73 Wed 14-Sep-11 17:17:47

cant make my mind up now, oasis one or zara one.....anyone had their delivered yet. Zara is cheaper!

greedygoose Sat 17-Sep-11 15:18:23

I patiently awaiting payday - will keep you posted!

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