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Gloverall duffels?

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CelestinaWarbeck Sat 10-Sep-11 21:24:54

I'm after WARM winter coats for the kids. I've been looking at Gloverall duffels but they're £££ - anyone bought any? Are they worth it? Are they properly snuggly and warm?

greedygoose Sat 10-Sep-11 21:50:08

Love a Duffel - sure I have seen a boden or jules duffel that was cheaper?

CelestinaWarbeck Sat 10-Sep-11 21:52:52

Thanks greedy. Boden aren't doing boys' duffles but haven't checked Joules, will have a look.

CelestinaWarbeck Sat 10-Sep-11 21:54:13

Nope, no joy at Joules. Duffels seem to be 'out' for boys at the moment, not that I give a monkeys!

nancy75 Sat 10-Sep-11 22:02:06

this shop does them, but they are not much cheaper. Do you have a good school shop near you? School shops usually sell duffle coats, but tbh I think you will be looking at about the same price. John Lewis also worth a try

CelestinaWarbeck Sat 10-Sep-11 22:03:52

Aha, thanks nancy and good idea about school suppliers.

PhyllisDiller Sun 11-Sep-11 07:48:46

Years ago I worked in a shop that sold Gloverall duffels, I hadn't seen them for years until I saw your post. They were beautiful quality, very thick and warm. We sold the adult ones to the sort of customers who would wear them for the next 20 winters or so.

Quality wise they were worth the money and you would probably do ok selling them on via e-bay afterwards.

seeker Sun 11-Sep-11 07:59:25

Honestly, don't. You are being led astray by the cute Pqddington Bear thing. I know. I've been there. I had pregnancy fantasies about duffel coats andnlittle wellies.

In reality, they are massively heavy, not even remotely waterproof and hugely expensive. And the chances are your child won't wantnto wear it because it's not likentheother kid's coats. Got to an Outdoor-y sort of shop and get something modern and hi techy.

fivecandles Sun 11-Sep-11 08:25:02

Have you seen this site|Gender|Boys I think ski jackets are the way to go in winter - warm, waterproof and washable and there are some good bargains here.

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