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Dubai- Help with wardrobe choices

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forevermore Sat 10-Sep-11 16:08:30

I have never been and wonderin how do you stay cool at 37 degrees in the shade whilst maintaining modesty - I am presumin you have to stay covered up? Any tips much appreciated

MABS Sat 10-Sep-11 16:14:24

no, you don't have to stay covered up. are you talking about by a pool, in the malls, at work or whatever?

LaLaLaLayla Sat 10-Sep-11 16:25:26

Lots of floaty dresses. Flip flops. A pashmina if you are going out for dinner, as the restaurants are always freezing cold. For work, most people wear what they would wear in the UK, ie nice suits with blouses, that kind of thing. Oh, and high heels. And sunglasses.

wordsonapage Sat 10-Sep-11 16:28:53

I dream of 37 degrees

Tis positively chilly...

It was 45 degrees today btw

forevermore Sat 10-Sep-11 17:15:14

OMG 45 degrees. I am meant to go nxt week! BBC weather forecast said 37!?

wordsonapage Sat 10-Sep-11 18:09:41

You need to look at the actual temp it's always hotter than the max... It's always humid in September tbh so forget the mascara

wordsonapage Sat 10-Sep-11 18:10:37

Actual temp being the one recorded ...they use Dubai airport which is a 20 min drive for me.

MABS Sat 10-Sep-11 21:23:06

i coming next week smile

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