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really skinny jeans

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queenmaeve Sat 10-Sep-11 13:47:56

Where can I get decent ones that don't look baggy around the leg.

southeastastra Sat 10-Sep-11 13:49:04


carciofi Sat 10-Sep-11 13:50:48

I tried these Hudsons on the other day, they are skinny skinny and I don't think they'll lose their shape. I want. smile

mysteryfairy Sat 10-Sep-11 14:13:33

I have j brand jeans which are really skinny and stretchy that I would recommend.

I have a couple of pairs of levis curve ids which are an ok fit but definitely not very skinny though sold as such.

charlottesmum5 Sat 10-Sep-11 14:43:14

Primark! Called Super Skinny, have loads of stretch, not too low waisted and only £9. In black or blue. I would size down though - I'm a 12/14 (nearer a 14) and 14 is too big.

whoneedssleepanyway Sat 10-Sep-11 15:27:18

another vote for J Brand here but they are £££££

celticlassie Sat 10-Sep-11 19:07:34

My super skinnies from New Look were only £20 and are veeeery skinny.

CubiksRube Sat 10-Sep-11 19:58:53

I'm currently wearing New Look skinnies (£9.99) that have survived a few washes and kept their skininess. I find them a bit low-waisted though, but I'm very tall.

The best pair I ever owned, however, were Monkee Genes (available in Topshop I believe) which had a lovely mid-waist and loads of stretch. And basically sprayed on.

queenmaeve Sun 11-Sep-11 17:47:53

Lots of ideas, thank you all! I would definitely like to try the J brand ones just to see if they look the money, now if only I can find a stockist here.

meltedchocolate Sun 11-Sep-11 18:17:07

my skinnies are from NewLook and were only £9.99 BARGAIN!

scootergal Sun 11-Sep-11 19:04:29

i have jamie super skinny topshop ones .. worn a few time s and washed a few times - still super skinny HTH

PrimaBallerina Sun 11-Sep-11 19:53:27

Zara or Topshop if you don't want to buy expensive ones.

prolificwillybreeder Sun 11-Sep-11 21:39:00

GAP ones are great. Size down though imo

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