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Two questions!

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PetiteMum Sat 10-Sep-11 12:06:19

Ok, you know how you get the type of leather that scratches even with a fingernail? What can yo do about it? Is impossible to treat or wax it to stop that happening? Seen a pair of boots that I love but they scratch easily.

Said boots are knee high which leads me to question two! Does It look weird if you cannot see any leg between boots and hem of skirt/ dress? My boots have always been calf length and I wonder if it's because I'm not used to it.....

Thanks so much!

PetiteMum Sat 10-Sep-11 21:15:34


Casmama Sat 10-Sep-11 22:11:40

I don't know about the scratching but I would say it does look a bit odd if the hem of the skirt meets the boots. i would go for shorter than knee length or longer so that the hem comes lower than the top of the boot.

PrimaBallerina Sun 11-Sep-11 01:50:30

Well I would have said a little skin must show had you asked 2 days ago. I've since seen pictures of Posh in a midi length dress with long Louboutins underneath. Where she goes we tend to follow so knock yourself out.

For scratches I'd rub them regularly with clear shoe polish.

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